Can A Honda Ridgeline Be Flat Towed? (Find The Right Way Of Towing Your Ridgeline)

Can a Honda Ridgeline be flat towed? In simple terms, you cannot flat tow the Honda Ridgeline car model because it is not permitted by Honda.

Mind you, it may be technically/physically possible to flat-tow the Honda Ridgeline. But, according to Honda Ridgeline’s user manual, it’s strictly forbidden. It’s because flat-towing will damage your transmission for sure.

Therefore, your warranty will be voided if you flat-tow your Honda Ridgeline.

Want to know why Honda has forbidden their consumers from flat towing the Honda Ridgeline? Below, we have deeply explained this topic and discussed it with the necessary facts. So, check it out right now!

Can You Flat Tow A Honda Ridgeline? [In-brief]

As already mentioned, you cannot flat-tow the Honda Ridgeline pickup truck. The manufacturer has prohibited the owners of Honda Ridgeline models from flat towing their vehicle because of the following reasons:

1. The Honda Ridgeline has an automatic transmission. An automatic transmission box vehicle cannot run unless its engine is powered ON.

2. Automatic transmission vehicles such as the Honda Ridgeline require constant lubricant application, while its transmission mechanism is running.

Now, since the vehicle stays turned OFF during flat towing, it cannot pump lubricants into the transmission when it’s being towed. So, flat towing the vehicle will create extreme heat and friction. Consequently, the transmission of the Honda Ridgeline will instantly get damaged.

3. The nature of an automatic transmission vehicle is that it automatically shifts gears by using its electronic control modules.

Since the car engine will be turned OFF (along with its electronic modules) while flat towing, it won’t be able to shift gears on its own. As a result, an immediate malfunction will take place in the transmission box.

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What Is The Correct Way To Tow Your Honda Ridgeline?

Now that we’re clear on whether or not the Honda Ridgeline can be flat-towed, it’s time to explain the correct way of towing your Honda Ridgeline.

According to the official user manual from Honda, the only way to correctly tow the Honda Ridgeline is to “never tow the vehicle at all.” Rather, if your vehicle is not functioning in the middle of the road, you have to use the flatbed carrying equipment to transport your vehicle to the mechanic.

Now, if you have a 2-wheel drive model of the Honda Ridgeline, you can also use wheel lift equipment to tow your car.

Notice: Using a wheel lift equipment to tow your vehicle means lifting up the front tires of the car off the ground and towing them on the rear wheels. This way of towing is only acceptable for the Honda Ridgeline 2WD models, such as the 2020 Honda Ridgeline Sport 2WD. So it will not void your warranty.

However, you cannot use wheel lift equipment for your Honda Ridgeline if it’s an all-wheel drive model, such as the 2020 Honda Ridgeline RTL-E AWD. Flat towing an all-wheel drive Honda Ridgeline will void your warranty.

So, your only option here is to use flatbed carrying equipment to carry your Honda Ridgeline.

Now, don’t forget to apply transmission fluid to the transmission box before testing your car. If the transmission gets cranky due to being flat towed, the fluid can smoothen its operation.

The Honda Ridgeline transmission fluid capacity is 3 quarts or 96 fluid oz. So, try applying this much transmission fluid before starting your engine.

Key Takeaways:

Well, that was my take on this query, can a Honda Ridgeline be flat towed? The simple answer is no, you cannot. You can’t flat-tow an all-wheel drive automatic transmission vehicle like the Honda Ridgeline. So, you got the following options:

  • Use flatbed towing equipment to transport your vehicle.
  • Or, if it’s a two-wheel drive model, you can use wheel-lift equipment to tow your car.

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