Can a Nissan Frontier be Flat Towed?

Well, there are two answers to this question. If you have a Nissan Frontier along with the automatic transmission, then, unfortunately, it cannot be towed flat with normal means. You will need a flatbed trailer to get the job done.

On the other hand, a manual transmission Nissan Frontier can be towed flat easily with the right equipment and the proper techniques.

There are tools you will need to have in either case and know how to use them (below, we’ve discussed).

So, can a Nissan Frontier be flat-towed? Follow us along this guide as we answer and demonstrate how to flat tow a Nissan Frontier.

Key Takeaways:

● Automatic transmission Nissan Frontier can be flat towed only with a flatbed trailer. However, an automatic transmission Nissan does not require one.

● You will primarily need a tow bar and a base plate when flat towing. Add a supplementary braking system and brake light wiring to control your Nissan from another car.

● The quality of the wires, ropes, and equipment you use is of utmost importance. So, it’s a must that they’re in good condition.

The Things You Will Need to Flat Tow a Nissan Frontier

Check the list to see if you have all the things at hand. If there is something you don’t have, then buy it. Also, ensure all your tools are in top condition!

  • Flatbed Trailer
  • Tow Bar and Tow Hitch
  • Base Plate
  • Supplemental Breaking System
  • Brake Light Wiring
  • Ramp

● Flatbed Trailer

This is only needed if the Nissan Frontier is an automatic transmission vehicle. Towing it directly with the car wheels may significantly damage your transmission.

You may also use this to tow your manual transmission Nissan if you don’t want to use the car wheels.

● Tow Bar and Tow Hitch

The tow bar is the primary tool that is used for hooking up the car with your towing vehicle. Moreover, it attaches to your Nissan, and your tow hitch attaches to the back of your towing vehicle.

These are the primary tools for flat towing and the main connection between the two cars.

● Base Plate

This is connected to the very front of your vehicle so that the tow bar can be attached.

● Supplemental Breaking System

Supplemental braking systems are designed to provide additional braking power to a vehicle that is being flat towed. You can control your car’s brakes while sitting on your towing vehicle.

● Brake Light Wiring

You won’t be able to access your frontier’s tail lights and brake lights through normal means when flat towing. A wiring system will be necessary to control them from another vehicle.

● Ramp

You’ll need this if you are using a flatbed trailer. Make sure the ramp is strong enough to bear the car’s weight.

How to Flat Tow a Nissan Frontier Along with a Flatbed Trailer?

This section lets you know the step-by-step process through which you can flat tow a Nissan Frontier and a flatbed trailer. So, read on till the very end.

Step 1: Check if the Tools are in Good Condition

As you’re setting up a lot of equipment and tools for the first time, ensure their safety first. A lot of wiring and electrical tweaking is required in the process. Check to see if they are in proper working order.

Make sure to inspect each tying rope. Do not use any worn, abraided, or frayed webbing. Moreover, check the buckles, hooks, and ratchet mechanisms. Once the safety check is complete, proceed.

Step 2: Place Your Car on the Flatbed

Slowly put the car on the flatbed trailer. Use a ramp and a tow dolly to get the job done. Ensure that your car fits the trailer properly. Put the vehicle right at the center, so the center of gravity stays balanced.

Also, ensure you don’t exceed the maximum weight capacity of the flatbed trailer you are using. Nissan Frontiers are big cars, so you need a flatbed trailer matching it.

Step 3: Secure the Wheels

Once the car is in place, secure the wheels using chocks and chains. Tie your Nissan down with proper care. Engage all the hitch, hooks, and locking mechanisms properly.

Step 4: Turn Off Your Car Except for the Tail Lighting

Now, you must turn off the Nissan Frontier, except for the tail lighting system. You still need to use it while you tow your vehicle through the road. Use a brake light wiring system to control your car lights from your towing vehicle.

Step 5: Attach Your Vehicle and Consider the Safety Measures

Attach the tow bar to your towing cart and the flatbed trailer. And take one final check to ensure that all the safety measures are properly in place.

Drive carefully and slowly, taking into account the added weight and length of the trailer. Use caution when turning and braking, as the trailer may not handle the same way as the tow vehicle.

In a nutshell, if you follow all these steps carefully, you should have no trouble transporting a car as big as a Nissan Frontier through Flat Towing.

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How to Flat Tow a Nissan Frontier without a Flatbed Trailer?

The methods here are pretty much the same, except you have to take some additional safety measures as you are using your car’s own wheels instead of the flatbed trailers.

A Nissan Frontier along with a manual transmission, will not need a flatbed trailer, as spinning the wheels will not engage the gears.

Step 1: You will likely not need to buy an additional tow hitch as most SUVs and large cars today come with factory-made tow hitch installed.
However, if your model does not come with one, install one on the back of your towing vehicle. This is where the tow bar is attached.

Step 2: Set up the base plate to the Nissan Frontier’s front. Make sure all the mechanisms and locks are placed correctly.

Step 3: Securely attach the tow bar to the base plate and the hitch. You may try pulling to make sure it is attached properly.

Step 4: Attach safety cables. These will ensure additional security if the Nissan Frontier is separated from the towing cart.

Step 5: Put on brake light wiring. The brake light wiring system is responsible for transmitting the signal from the brake pedal of your towing car to the brake lights and the tail lights of the Nissan when the pedal is pressed.

This will ensure that your brake and tail lights are still usable, as the tow car’s lights will not be visible from behind.

Step 6: Install a supplementary braking system. This important safety measure can help improve your vehicle’s stability and control while towing. They connect your Nissans’ brakes through a wiring harness and let you access them from your towing vehicle.

Step 7: Take one final safety check-up to ensure everything is in place. Double-check all the wiring, hitches, and cables to see if they are attached poorly or worn out. Take a small test drive for a few meters in a safe place.


So, can a Nissan Frontier be flat-towed? Well, it actually depends! It is possible to flat tow a Nissan Frontier behind a motorhome or other tow vehicle. However, it is important to follow all the safety measures and any relevant laws and regulations when flat towing a car.

Before flat towing a Nissan Frontier, ensure you are properly equipped. This will involve installing supplementary braking, brake light wiring, and other towing equipment.

It is also important to ensure that the Nissan Frontier is in good mechanical condition and that all lights and brakes are working properly.

Pay attention to the weight and size of the vehicle and the load being carried so any undue accidents can be avoided.

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