Toyota Tacoma Flat Towing: Can You Do This?

Flat towing is not allowed for Toyota Tacoma. The vehicle’s transmission will be damaged severely, and you will void the warranty and get rejected for the insurance claim.

That’s not all. There are several consequences of flat towing a Toyota Tacoma. Also, there are alternatives to flat towing as well.

In this guide, we will discuss the consequences of flat towing and other alternatives. This will help you tow your Tacoma for camping or somewhere else you want.

Can a Toyota Tacoma be Flat Towed?

No, whether it is Toyota Tacoma long bed or short bed, you can’t flat tow a Tacoma, according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

The following table shows some significant consequences of flat towing. Another column mentions the alternative of flat towing that may help you to tow your giant and powerful Tacoma from one place to another behind your RV.

Consequences of Flat Towing (All Model Years of Toyota Tacoma)Alternative of Flat Towing
Transmission damageTow Dolly
Warranty voidTowing Trailer
Insurance void
Chance of accident

What is Flat Towing?

Flat towing means towing a vehicle on its 4 wheels while the engine is off. The wheels will turn in neutral mode without any intervention. The flat towing is also known as four-down-towed. Generally, you can tow flat manual-transmission vehicles.

On the other hand, vehicles with auto transmission and 4-wheel drives are recommended not to do so.

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Consequences of Toyota Tacoma Flat Towing

You see, there are several barriers in flat towing this vehicle. Let’s discuss the consequences in detail. This will help you to understand utterly and will cool up your question, “can Tacoma be flat towed?”.

● Transmission Damage Possibility

The vehicle is designed for spinning on the wheels only if you run the car engine on. But while you flat tow your Tacoma, it will run on wheels with the engine off.

This can’t transfer transmission fluid to the transmission, which is a must for it. Consequently, the transmission gets overheated and has the biggest possibility of getting damaged.

● You Will Void the Warranty

The Toyota company doesn’t recommend towing their Tacomas on four wheels. So, if you do so breaking the manufacturer’s rules, you will void the warranty coverage. Thus, you won’t be able to get their repair service free of cost if you get damage your Tacoma while flat towing.

● You Will Be Rejected for an Insurance Claim

The insurance company also doesn’t cover the damage you got due to flat towing. So, when you decide to flat tow your Toyota Tacoma, be assured that you are going to be rejected for insurance claiming in case of an accident.

● Chance of Accident

The connection between the Tacoma and RV might get disconnected while towing. In such a case, your Tacoma will surely get damaged and crash. This is not expected at all, for sure, right?

Can You Flat Tow a Toyota Tacoma 4×4 With Modification?

You may find some ways with a little bit of modification that will allow you to tow the Tacoma on 4 wheels. They are as follows.

  • Using a driveshaft disconnect device: This allows you to disconnect the driveshaft. So, your vehicle can spin freely, which will not impact the transmission system.
  • Using dinghy brake: Normal towing doesn’t set any braking system in your Tacoma that may cause an accident while braking your RV. But the Dinghy brake sensor will help your Tacoma to brake automatically while braking your RV.
  • Using a lubricant pump: You can use a lubricant pump that will pass fluid to your transmission system even if you keep the engine off. This will help prevent transmission damage.

But does using all these allow you to tow four down your Tacoma? Actually not. Because using all the aforementioned components is expensive. So, this will cost you more and can’t be that much more effective at all than normal towing.

However, the expense is not the main reason here. The warranty will be voided, and the insurance claim will be rejected.

Aside from this, if any accident happens, you must be liable for it. You might be forced to be put under criminal law, which will not be a happy thing at all.

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Alternative of Flat Towing Your Tacoma Behind Your RV/Others

While you are not recommended flat towing this vehicle, typical towing is the solution. If you yet need to tow your Tacoma for recreation or need, you can follow the following.

● Using Towing Trailer (Car Hauler)

This is the safest way to tow this truck, especially auto transmission 4-wheel drives. With low rail edges and two axles, this is easy to use for towing your vehicle behind your motorhome.

You just need to choose the right trailer with the right length and weight capacity so that it can handle your vehicle. Pick the trailer with an electric braking system that will allow you to control the trailer from the RV.

Make sure you tie the car tightly to the trailer with ratchet straps and connect the trailer to the RV correctly.

● Using Tow Dolly

Though the tow dolly is designed for two-wheel-drive cars, you can tow your Tacoma 4-drive with it. Basically, the tow dolly is a type of trailer that allows the front two wheels to be put on it. The rear wheel will be on the ground and will spin as it is.

On the other hand, it lessens the total weight of towing, which is more when towing with a car hauler.

By the way, you must make sure the tow dolly is perfectly connected to your RV. Also, make sure your Tacoma is rightly strapped on the tow dolly.


Is a 2022 Toyota Tacoma flat towable?

Unfortunately, none of this series-model is flat towable. You will face warranty and insurance voiding, along with the damage to the transmission.

Is Toyota Tacoma 4×4 flat towable with a manual transmission?

No. You might be able to tow other manual vehicles, but you can’t tow your Tacoma 4-wheel drive on four wheels, even with a manual transmission. The manufacturer does not recommend it. And you will void the warranty too.

Key Takeaways:

When it comes to whether you can tow the vehicle flat, the answer is a big no. The manufacturer and experts do not recommend it. You may face several issues. However, you have alternatives to the flat towed as well.

You may look at the key takeaways of the topic as follows.

  • You can’t tow your Toyota Tacoma 4-wheel drive on 4 wheels down. Otherwise, you will void the warranty and insurance claim.
  • You can use modified methods, but they are expensive and ineffective. Also, the warranty and insurance issues are the same as before.
  • You can use the alternatives of flat towing like a tow dolly or tow trailer.

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