Can I Order a Toyota Tacoma From The Factory? [On-point Explanation]

In case you are a Toyota Tacoma fan, you might want to custom order a Toyota Tacoma directly from the Toyota factory in San Antonio, Texas. Thus, you’d wonder, can I order a Toyota Tacoma from the factory?

In short, you cannot directly order a Toyota Tacoma from the factory. It’s because Texas law prohibits selling any vehicle directly to customers from the factory (without the medium of a dealership).

However, there is a workaround to make it happen. To find out how you must read our explanation and guide below. So, without any further ado, let’s jump onto it.

Can I Order A Toyota Tacoma From The Factory?

As already mentioned above, you cannot order a Toyota Tacoma from the factory in San Antonio, Texas. Why? Check out the table mentioned below:

● According to the National Conference On State Legislature, Texas is amongst many states that prohibit selling cars directly to customers without using a medium of a local dealership.

● Toyota, along with many other car manufacturers such as Tesla, General Motors, Ford, etc, is legally lobbying to lift the state laws that ban the direct sale of vehicles to customers from factories.

But, can you order a Tacoma from the factory right now? Yes, you may be able to. Keep reading to know how exactly.

2 Alternative Ways To Order Toyota Tacoma From Factory

Since it’s illegal to sell vehicles directly to grassroots consumers from the factory, you’ll have to use alternate ways to buy a car directly from the factory.

Here, we’ve mentioned a few workarounds that might work in your favor when trying to buy a Toyota Tacoma directly from the factory.

1. Make a Factory Order by Depositing Some Money:

If your local dealership does not have the model of Toyota Tacoma that you particularly want, you may have to make a custom order through the dealership. In general, the dealership of Toyota will not take any custom order unless you deposit some advanced money in payment.

For instance, you might have to deposit $500 to $600 to place your custom order. The duration for getting the delivery with this custom-order type usually takes between 3 weeks to 3 months.

However, if the car factory is in the same state that you live in, you’re likely to get your car within 3 to 4 weeks.

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2. Ordering Through an Out-of-State Point:

If your local dealership does not have the car in inventory that you want, there’s still a chance that you might be able to order the vehicle from the factory. Some car manufacturers circumvent the state law ban in a smart way and can deliver the vehicle directly to customers. But how?

Well, they ship the car to one of their service points outside the state. Once the service center outside the state receives the vehicle, it then delivers the car to the customer’s house address. This way of delivering a vehicle directly to customers does not violate state law.

Now, this method may or may not work in the case of ordering a Toyota Tacoma. It’s because Toyota may not have this type of option available.

Tesla, for example, is one of the very few car manufacturers that offer this option (although not regularly). Many consumers have been able to buy Tesla cars directly from the Tesla Gigafactory in Texas using this method.

However, it’s entirely unsure whether it will work for ordering a Toyota Tacoma or not.


Here’s a list of some important questions directly related to ordering a Toyota Tacoma from the factory.

Do I have to pay any less/more for ordering a Toyota Tacoma directly from the factory?

If you have been visiting local dealerships, you might be wondering why are Toyota Tacomas so expensive? But Toyota Tacoma cost the same regardless of whether you directly order it from the factory or buy it from a local dealership.

So, you’ll have to pay the same amount when ordering a Toyota Tacoma from the factory (assuming it’s possible in the first place).

Is there any benefit to buying a Toyota Tacoma from local dealerships?

If you buy a Toyota Tacoma from local dealerships, you might enjoy slight discounts. Or, you may also receive additional free repair services.

For instance, you won’t have to worry about queries such as how much does it cost to regear a Tacoma? or what is the cost of a spark plug replacement? Rather, you would get these services for free.

Key Takeaways:

Well, here’s a summary of my take on this query, Can I order a Toyota Tacoma from the factory? Check them out.

● The final verdict here is that you cannot order a Toyota Tacoma directly from the factory in Texas (or any other state where it is banned to deliver cars directly to customers).

● You will have to order your vehicle from the factory through the dealership by making an advanced payment.

● You may receive the delivery through an out-of-state service point of Toyota, but further confirmation is required on its feasibility for Toyota Tacoma.

● However, things may change in the future and the ban might be lifted soon since many top manufacturers working on it.

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