Ram 1500 Transmission Replacement Cost [Repair, Rebuild and Replacement]

In case of a bad transmission, in most cases, RAM 1500 transmission requires a complete replacement instead of a repair or rebuild. But how much is it going to cost?

RAM 1500 transmission replacement cost can range from $1800 to $3500. If you replace the transmission with the clutch, it will cost you between $900 and $1500. The labor cost will add around $500 to $1000 to the total cost.

Some key factors that will vary the price are the year, make, model, damage assessment, and where you’ll repair/replace it. Let’s discuss the total cost breakdown of the repair, rebuild, and replacement of RAM 1500!

RAM 1500 Transmission Types And Problems

RAM 1500 comes with automatic, semi-automatic, and manual transmissions. Each transmission type has its own problems in particular years. Below, I’ll discuss the features of these transmissions and their issues.

1. Automatic Transmission

RAM 1500 Automatic transmissions are very comprehensive and have been in the market since the 1950s till now. PowerFlite was the first two-speed automatic transmission launched in 1954.

Dodge RAM upgraded this transmission to three-speed and four-speed in the 1960s and 1980s. The 66RFE is the most modern launched six-speed heavy-duty automatic transmission.


  • Hesitated or Delayed Shifting
  • Frequent Gear Slipping
  • Complete Transmission Failure
  • Sudden Power Loss
  • Poos Transmission Engagement

2. Semi-Automatic Transmission

Hy-Drive, M4 Vacamatic, and M5 Presto-Matic are the commonly used semi-automatic transmissions.

Usually, these transmissions feature a two-range manual control. They are typically four-speed, which combines fluid coupling and clutch features.


  • Grinding and Shaking Sensation In Gear
  • Bad Gear Engagement
  • Burning Smell and Slipping Gears
  • Low Transmission Fluid Level
  • Noisy Transmission In Neutral Mode

3. Manual Transmission

Dodge RAM produced manual transmissions between 1960 and 2005. The most upgraded six-speed manual transmission includes a 4.7L Magnum V8 and 4WD engine combination.


  • Poor engagement and gear shifting
  • Bad Clutching
  • Improper Gear Synchronization
  • Transmission Fluid Leaks
  • Whining and Grinding Noise
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RAM 1500 Transmission Repair, Rebuild, and Replacement Cost

First, you should check your vehicle with a professional and diagnose the actual problem. The expert mechanic will suggest the best solution.

If you repair or rebuild the transmission, it will cost less than a complete transmission replacement.

Some possible transmission repair and rebuild options are – Fluid Change, Transmission Restoration, Filter Replacement, and Transmission Flush.

Let’s see the estimated cost breakdown of each one!

Transmission Fluid Change Cost

Transmission Fluid works as a functioning lubricant of the transmission. If your transmission fluid leaks or the level becomes low, you need a transmission fluid change.

2013 RAM 15004.7L V8 SLT97,000 miles$300 to $365 dollars
2016 RAM 15003.6L V6112,000 miles$365 to $450 dollars
2014 RAM 15005.7L V870,000 miles$285 to $350 dollars
2015 RAM 15005.7L V8123,000 miles$220 to $265 dollars
2016 RAM 15005.7L V8 Laramie Longhorn55,000 miles$495 to $605 dollars
2021 RAM 15005.7L V8 Hybrid Tradesman5,000 miles$490 to $600 dollars
2016 RAM 15005.7L V8 Tradesman90,000 miles$520 to $635 dollars

Transmission Rebuild Costs

During transmission rebuild, they change the outer ‘soft’ parts, which get damaged with prolonged usage. If your RAM 1500 issues get solved with a transmission rebuild, you don’t need a transmission replacement.

2009 RAM 15004.7L V8 TRX100,000 miles2370 to 2900 dollars
2010 RAM 15005.7L V8 TRX75,000 miles2275 to 2780 dollars
1998 RAM 15005.2L V8 ST57,000 miles2260 to 2760 dollars

Transmission Replacement Cost

If your vehicle leaks transmission fluids, shudders, and makes a weird noise, it needs a transmission replacement. Your vehicle also needs a transmission replacement if you face difficulty when shifting gears.

2020 RAM 15003.6L V6 Hybrid Laramie Longhorn10,000 miles  2245 to 2745 dollars
2020 RAM 15005.7L V8 Big Horn10,000 miles2620 to 3200 dollars
2020 RAM 15003.6L V6 Hybrid HFE-3,000 miles2615 to 3195 dollars
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What Are The Symptoms Of RAM 1500 Transmission Failure?

Some typical RAM 1500 transmission failure symptoms are as follows-

  • Refusals when switching gears
  • Burning smell in your vehicle
  • Weird noises from the hood
  • Gear Slips During Shifting
  • Dragging or Jerking Clutch
  • Delayed Shifting
  • Sudden power loss in the car

Final Advice

A complete RAM 1500 transmission replacement cost can range from 1800 to 3500 dollars. Diagnose the transmission issues and the quick solutions before the situation gets worse.

Knowing the average cost of the repairs, rebuilds, and replacements will help you reduce the total expense.

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