What is the Ford 5.4 Engine Replacement Cost?

The 5.4 engine replacement cost can vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Generally speaking, the cost to replace the engine in an F-150 can range from $2,500 to $9,000. This cost includes both the engine and the labor to install it.

Furthermore, the cost can also vary depending on the engine’s condition. New engines can be quite expensive, whereas remanufactured, or used engines can be a more affordable option.

Thus, it can be a bit confusing to determine the cost to swap 5.4 triton engine as it depends on several factors. And that’s why we’re here to make it simple for you. Let’s get going, then!

What is the 5.4 Triton Engine Replacement Cost?

Here is the overview of 5.4 Triton engine replacement cost, including labor costs based on the year of its making and vehicle model.

Vehicle ModelYear of MakingEngine Replacement Cost (Including Labor Cost)
Ford F-1502015-2020$4,000-$8,000
Ford Expedition2015-2020$4,000-$6,500
Lincoln Navigator2000-2007$3,500-$6,500
Ford E-Series2020-Present$3,000-$5,500

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A 5.4 Engine? – In-detail

Replacing the engine may be the better option if you’re looking for a more reliable solution to your damaged engine. The cost of a new 5.4 Triton engine can easily exceed $4,000.

New engines are built with updated components/parts and more advanced technology, so they’re much less likely to break down.

Replacing Cost of a 5.4 Engine on Ford’s Newer Models

As mentioned above, newer model years require a newly updated engine. So, if you’re looking to replace the 5.4 on a Ford F150 or Ford Expedition, it will cost you around $4,000-$8,000 including labor costs.

For old model years such as Lincoln Navigator or Ford E Series, the cost will be between $3,500-$6,500.

Labor Cost Breakdown

Most professional mechanics charge on an hourly basis. And as it’s a heavy job to pull off it’ll need 6-12 hours. For that, any professional will charge between $100-$150 per hour. Which leads to a labor cost estimate of $900-$15,00 bucks.

At the end of the day, however, the decision to replace or rebuild the 5.4 Triton ultimately comes down to your budget. If you’re on a tight budget, rebuilding the engine may be the best option for you.

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What Affects the Ford 5.4L Triton Engine Replacement Cost?

When it’s time to replace the 5.4 engine in your Ford, there are several factors that come and affect the cost.

Here are the defining factors:

1. Model Year of the Vehicle

The first factor that affects the replacement cost of a Ford 5.4 Triton engine is the make and model of the vehicle. Because the Parts required for installing the engine differ depending on the vehicle’s model year. And the cost of the replacement engine may increase due to the need for specialized parts.

For example, the Ford F150 engine replacement cost is higher than the Ford E-Series.

2. Condition of the Engine

Purchasing a new 5.4 engine is way more expensive than purchasing a remanufactured one. You can get a remanufactured or used engine at half the price of a new one. So, it’s vital when it comes to determining the overall replacement cost.

3. Labor Cost

If you have the skills and tools to perform the replacement yourself, the labor cost will be significantly lower than hiring a professional mechanic.

Additionally, the labor cost will also depend on the complexity of the engine replacement.

4. Age of the Vehicle

Generally speaking, the newer the vehicle, the more expensive the engine will be. This is because newer engines tend to have more sophisticated technology and better overall performance.

For example, newer models may have cylinder deactivation, variable cam timing, or turbocharging. These features can add to the cost of the engine as well as the labor needed for installation.

So, it’s important to research all of these factors before making a decision, as the replacement is gonna take a toll on your wallet.

When Should You Consider Replacing the 5.4 Triton?

Regarding replacing a Ford 5.4 Triton engine, there are a few factors to consider. To get the most out of your engine, it is important to replace it at the right time.

Here is a guide to help you decide when to replace the Ford 5.4 Triton engine.

1. Engine is Vibrating or Making Noises

The first sign of an impending engine replacement is when the engine starts to make loud noises or vibrations. If your engine is making loud or unusual noises or is vibrating, it is likely that it is time to replace it.

Additionally, if your engine is having difficulty starting or is not running as smoothly as it used to, it is likely time to replace it.

2. Increased Fuel Consumption

Another key sign that it is time to replace the Ford 5.4 Triton engine is when the oil consumption increases significantly. If your engine is consuming oil faster than usual, it is likely that it is not functioning properly and needs to be replaced.

3. Engine is Losing Power

If you notice that your vehicle is losing power or acceleration, it is likely that your engine is not functioning properly. In that case, your 5.4 Triton needs to be replaced.

4. Engine is Emitting Smoke

If you notice that your engine is emitting a lot of smoke, it is likely that it is time to replace it. Smoke can be a sign of a serious issue and should not be ignored. If your engine is emitting a lot of smoke, it is likely that it needs to be replaced.

Knowing when to replace the Ford 5.4 Triton engine is essential for keeping your vehicle running smoothly and avoiding costly repairs. And on the bright side, you can even replace the 5.4 with a 6.2 engine.

In that case, the Ford 6.2 engine replacement cost will be at least a thousand bucks shorter than the 5.4 replacement cost.

Replace or Rebuild the 5.4 Triton – What’s the Best Bait for You?

Over time, the engine can suffer from various issues, including excessive oil consumption, frequent breakdowns, and a tendency to overheat. And With the increasing cost of repairs, many owners wonder if they should replace or rebuild the 5.4 Triton.

So, what is the solution here? If you’re looking for a less expensive option, you may want to consider rebuilding the engine.

Rebuilding a 5.4 engine can be a time-consuming project. But the 5.4 triton engine rebuild cost is way cheaper than buying a new engine. As it will only cost you $1,800-$5,000 which is literally half the replacement cost. Plus, it also allows you to customize the engine to your exact specifications.

Can You Replace the 5.4 Triton With Other Ford Engines?

Yes, you certainly can. Some options for replacing a Ford 5.4 Triton engine could include:

Ultimately, the best engine to replace a Ford 5.4 Triton will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the vehicle owner.


Engine replacement requires a lot of thought and consideration. In this section, we’ll discuss some of the common queries people have regarding the matter.

After how many miles should you replace the Ford 5.4 engine?

Most Ford 5.4 engines can last anywhere from 150,000 to 300,000 miles with proper maintenance and regular oil changes.

What type of engine is the Ford 5.4?

The 5.4 is a V8 mainstream Ford Engine. It’s a single overhead camshaft (SOHC) motor with 5.4 liters or 330 cubic inches displacement that produces up to 300 horsepower and 365 lb-ft of torque.

Is the Ford 5.4 engine reliable?

The Ford 5.4 is known for its durability and dependability. It provides plenty of power and torque while still being fuel-efficient and budget-friendly.

Key Takeaways:

Replacement cost of the 5.4 Triton depends on various factors and the model years of the vehicle. Nevertheless, it is a costly process. However, you can cut the cost nearly to half by purchasing a remanufactured engine.

  • It’s essential to give the 5.4 engine a thorough check upon completing 150,000 miles. And if it shows any sign of wear and tear or weird behavior like excessive vibration or sound, you should consider replacing it.
  • Repairing or rebuilding the 5.4 Triton can be a budget-friendly option than replacing it with a new engine. However, it won’t be sustainable as the new engines.
  • The replacement cost varies on different factors like make and model year of the vehicle, engine condition, labor cost, vehicle age, etc.

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