7.3 Powerstroke Engine Oil and Fluid Capacity & Specs

Similar to all vehicle engines, the 7.3 powerstroke engines require maintenance to perform at their best. And providing the engine with an adequate level of oil/fluid is one of the most crucial parts of maintenance.

7.3l powerstroke comes with 15 quarts of engine oil, 33 quarts of engine coolant, and 1.9 quarts of transfer case fluid capacity. The fuel capacity is 25 – 38 gallons, and the differential fluid capacity falls between 1.9 – 12.25 quarts. 

Fluid TypeCapacity
Engine Oil15 quarts or 14.2 liters
Engine Coolant33 quarts or 31 liters
Auto Transmission Fluid● 15.9 quarts or 15 liters (E40D 4×2)
● 16.4 quarts or 15.5 liters (E40D 4×4)
● 17.1 to 17.7 quarts or 16.2-16.7 liters (4R100)
Manual Transmission Fluid● 3.4 quarts or 3.2 liters (ZF S5 5-speed)
● 5.8 quarts or 5.5 liters (ZF S6 6-speed)
Transfer Case Fluid1.9 quarts or 1.8 liters
Front Differential Fluid● 1.9 quarts or 1.8 liters (Dana 50 IFS, F-250 only) 
● 2.9 quarts or 2.7 liters (Dana 60)
Rear Differential Fluid● 3.75 quarts or 3.5 liters (Sterling 10.25″)
● 3.45 quarts or 3.3 liters (Sterling 10.50″)
● 4.15 quarts or 3.9 liters (Dana 80)
● 12.25 quarts or 11.6 liters (Dana 135, F-550 Super Duty only)
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)28.8 – 29.6 quarts or 27.2 – 28 liters
Brake FluidFill to Line
Power Steering FluidFill to Line
Fuel● 38 gallons (F250 and F350 super duty)
● 30 gallons (F250 and F350 super duty, (long wheelbase))
● 25 gallons (RWD Super, regular cab (Short wheelbase))

Key Takeaways:

  • The engine oil capacity of 7.3l powerstroke is 15 quarts, and the viscosity will be different based on the temperature in your area.
  • Ford recommends changing the engine oil every 3,000 – 5,000 miles, depending on the usage.
  • This engine’s coolant requirement ranges from 33 quarts and the coolant should meet the standard (WSS-M97B57-A2).
  • Brake fluid should be filled to the line and the ideal fluid change interval is every 30,000 – 45,000 miles.
  • 7.3l powerstroke equipped vehicles usually come with 25 – 38 gallon fuel tanks.

Want to know more about 7.3 Powerstroke fluid and oil capacity & specs? Give this article a go, you’ll end up knowing enough to keep the engine function to its fullest.

At a Glance: 7.3L Powerstroke Fluid & Oil Capacity with Specification

Don’t have the time to go through the entire guide? Well, then just go through this chart, it should give you a brief. 

Oil/FluidCapacityOil/Fluid SpecRecommended Service intervalSuggestion
Engine Oil15 quarts (14.2 L)Ambient temps >20° F: 15W-40

Ambient temps >- 0° F: 10W-30

Ambient temps >-20° F: 5W-40  
Under normal operating conditions: Every 5000 miles or 6 months (whichever comes first)

Under heavy-duty operating conditions: Every 3000 miles or 3 months (whichever comes first)
Experts suggest using the following engine oil in 7.3 Powerstroke:

➢ Blue Diamond PAO Synthetic 10W30
➢ Blue Diamond PAO Oil 5W40
Engine Coolant33 quarts (31 L)Antifreeze WSS-M97B57-A2❖ Initially, the coolant should be changed after 105,000 miles or 75 months.

❖ After that, every 45,000 miles
➢ Experts suggest using Ford/Motorcraft VC-5.

➢ The coolant and distilled water ratio should be 50/50.

➢ In extremely cold weather, the coolant ratio can be increased to 60
Brake FluidFill to LineMotorcraft High-Performance DOT 3Every 30,000 to 45,000 miles depending on usage
FuelF250 and F350 super duty: 38 gallonsUltra Low Sulfur Diesel

Depends on usage
➢ Many users have found good results filling the tank with diesel extreme every 6,000 miles.

➢ They’d mix everyday diesel treatment with the diesel too.
F250 and F350 super duty, (long wheelbase): 30 gallonsUltra Low Sulfur Diesel
RWD Super, regular cab (Short wheelbase): 25 gallonsUltra Low Sulfur Diesel
Automatic Transmission FluidE40D 4X2: 15.9 QuartsWSS-M2C949-A❖ Every 30,000 miles under usual operating condition.

❖ Every 21,000 miles under heavy-duty operating condition.
E40D 4X4: 16.4 Quarts
4R100 4: 17.1 – 17.7 Quarts
Manual Transmission FluidZF S5-47 5 speed: 3.4 quartsMERCON V full synthetic ATFEvery 60,000 miles.
ZF S6-650 6 speed: 5.8 quarts
Front Differential FluidDana 50 IFS: 1.9 quarts (F-250 only) SAE 80W-90 gear oil ❖ Under normal operating condition: Every 100,000 miles.

❖ Under heavy-duty operating condition: Every 30,000 miles.
➢ The manufacturer suggests using Synthetic oil.

➢ If the axle is submerged into water, then quickly drain and add new oil. 
Dana 60: 2.9 quartsSAE 80W-90 gear oil  or SAE 90 hypoid gear oil
Rear Differential FluidSterling 10.25″: 3.75 quartsSAE 75W-140 full synthetic ❖ Under normal operating condition: Every 100,000 miles.

❖ Under heavy-duty operating condition: Every 30,000 miles
If the axle is submerged into water, then quickly drain and add new oil. 
Sterling 10.50″: 3.45 quartsSAE 75W-140 full synthetic 
Dana 80: 4.15 quartsSAE 75W-90 full synthetic 
Dana 135: 12.25 quarts (F-550 Super Duty only)SAE 80W-90 
Transfer Case Fluid1.9 quartsMotorcraft XL-12 transfer case fluidEvery 60,000 miles
AC Refrigerant27 oz.WSH-M17B19-AEvery 1 – 3 years (depends on usage)
AC Refrigerant Oil3.7 oz.WSH-M1C231-BEvery 1 – 3 years (depends on usage)
Diesel Exhaust Fluid7.2 – 7.4 GallonsEvery 5,000 to 10,000 miles (Depending on the severity of the operation)
Power Steering FluidFill to lineATF Mercon VRecommended fluid:
➢ Blue Diamond ATF+4, DEXRON III, MERCON V (+4/D3/M5)

➢ Prestone AS263
Windshield Washer Fluid4.25 quartsWSS-M14P19-ADepends on usage. ➢ Make sure to follow the mixing ratio recommended by the manufacturer.

➢ The user manual should have the instructions.

Ford 7.3 Powerstroke Fluid and Oil Capacity & Specs – Detailed Guide

That was a brief on 7.3 Powerstroke diesel engine fluid/oil capacity and specs, now it’s time to dive a bit deeper to make sure you avoid 7.3 Powerstroke engine problems.

● 7.3 Powerstroke Engine Oil Capacity

Ford 7.3 Liter Powerstroke engine oil capacity is 15 quarts or 14.2 liters. The manufacturer recommends changing the engine oil every 5,000 miles or 6 months (whichever comes first). And if the vehicle has been heavily used, in that case, the vehicle might require engine oil every 2000-3000 miles or 2 – 3 months. 

Filling the engine oil and replacing it on time won’t do any good if the oil quality isn’t up to the mark. Ford’s standard for engine oil is WSS-M2C171-D, using an oil that meets this spec. 

Not only that, you need to keep the viscosity in mind too. The engine will require different viscosities in different weather. Ford recommends 15W-40 oil for temperatures>20 degrees F. 

● 7.3 Powerstroke Engine Coolant 

7.3l powerstroke vehicles come with different coolant capacities. Usually, the requirement is 33quartsof engine coolant. 

Year ModelCoolant Capacity
1994 – 199733 Quarts (31 L)
1999 – 200333 Quarts (31 L)

The mentioned capacities are for the entire coolant system, including the engine block and the radiator. For the accurate capacity of your vehicle, go through the user manual. 

It’s recommended to use Ford or Motorcraft VC-5 coolant in Powerstroke engines. If that’s not an option, then any coolant that meets the manufacturer’s specification (WSS-M97B44-D) will work fine. 

According to the manufacturer, the engine coolant should be changed initially after 105,000 miles or 75 months. And after that, it should be changed every 35,000 to 45,000 miles. 

Before filling the coolant, don’t forget to properly mix it with distilled water. The ideal ratio should be 50/50. However, if the temperature is low, in that case, a higher coolant ratio would be good.

● 7.3 Powerstroke Brake Fluid 

Usually, the capacity is between 1.2 – 2 quarts.  However, it can be different in your 7.3l powerstroke diesel, depending on the model and the make year.

Don’t worry about that. Whatever your vehicle model or size is, fill the brake fluid to the line. And the manufacturer recommends changing the brake fluid every 30,000 to 45,000 miles, based on how severely the vehicle has been used. 

● 7.3 Powerstroke Fuel

As mentioned before, many Ford vehicles are equipped with powerful 7.3l Powerstroke engines and different models come with different fuel capacities. 

ModelFuel Capacity
F250 and F350 super duty38 gallons
F250 and F350 super duty, (long wheelbase)30 gallons
RWD Super, regular cab (Short wheelbase)25 gallons

For the best performance, the manufacturer recommends using only ultra-low sulfur diesel. And according to experts, mixing everyday diesel treatment with diesel can increase the 7.3 Powerstroke fuel mileage.

● 7.3 Powerstroke Transmission Fluid

There are two types of transmission, manual and automatic. The transmission fluid capacities of 7.3l powerstroke vehicles are different. Here are TF capacities in different 7.3l vehicle models. 

  Automatic Transmission FluidVersion Capacity
E40D 4×215.9 quarts
E40D 4×416.4 quarts
4R100 17.1 – 17.7 quarts
Manual Transmission FluidZF S5 5-speed3.4quarts
ZF S6 6-speed5.8 quarts

Ford’s recommendation for transmission fluid is Mercon V full synthetic. If that’s not an option, any transmission fluid that meets the standard (WSS-M2C949-A) can be used. 

● 7.3 Powerstroke Differential Fluid

Usually, the rear differential fluid capacities of 7.3l powerstroke range between 3.45 – 12.25 quarts. And the front differential fluid capacity ranges from 1.9 – 3 quarts. 

  Front DifferentialDana 50 IFS:1.9 quarts
Dana 602.9 quarts

Rear Differentials
Sterling 10.25″3.75 quarts
Sterling 10.50″3.45 quarts
Dana 804.15 quarts
Dana 13512.25 quarts (F-550 Super Duty only)

For both front and rear differential fluid change, the manufacturer recommends the same interval.

Under normal operating conditions, the fluid should be changed every 100,000 miles. And in the case of heavy-duty operation, fluid change should happen every 30,000 miles. The fluid viscosity differs based on the type of differentials. 

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● 7.3 Powerstroke Transfer Case Fluid 

7.3l Powerstroke engine’s transfer case fluid capacity is 1.9 Quarts. The manufacturer recommends using Motorcraft XL-12 transfer case fluid for better performance. And also recommends changing the fluid every 60,000 miles. 

● 7.3 Powerstroke AC Refrigerant Fluid and Oil 

The AC refrigerant fluid capacity of 7.3l powerstroke is 27 oz. and the oil capacity is 3.7 oz. Ford’s standard for the AC refrigerant fluid is WSH-M17B19-A and AC refrigerant oil is WSH-M1C231-B. The recommended service interval is every 1 – 3 years, depending on the usage. 

● 7.3 Powerstroke DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)

The diesel exhaust fluid capacity in 7.3l diesel vehicles is different, usually, it ranges from 7.2 – 7.4 gallons, depending on the model. It’s recommended to change the DEF every 5,000 – 10,000 miles. 

● 7.3 Powerstroke Windshield Washer Fluid

In 7.3l powerstroke, the Windshield washer fluid capacity is 4.25 quarts and Ford’s standard for washer fluid is WSS-M14P19-A.

● 7.3 Powerstroke Power steering Fluid

The power steering fluid should be filled to the line. Ford’s recommended power steering fluid is ATF Mercon V.


7.3l powerstroke is a powerful engine but if it isn’t provided with what it requires, then that’s of no good. This is why as an owner you should know all about the 7.3 Powerstroke fluid and oil capacity & specs. And this guide has covered all the important elements you should know about. Hope that helps!

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