Ford F150 Hood Latch Problems & Replacement Cost

Common hood latch problems in Ford F150 are physical damage, stuck latch, release handle failure, broken release cable, damaged striker, a loose hood latch, and a frozen hood latch. The replacement cost varies between $120 and $250, including $15 to $105 for parts and $85 to $145 for labor.

However, you may not always need to replace the hood latch. It will depend on what the exact problem is.

Today, I will talk about all the F150 hood latch problems in detail with solutions. Then I will discuss the replacement and repair costs in detail. Let’s start!

7 Common Problems of Ford F150 Hood Latch

Hood latches are responsible for the proper locking and opening of hoods in the Ford F150. But you will find some issues that can cause the hood latch to fail, similar to F150 door latch problems.

Let’s have a look at the most common 7 hood latch problems in the Ford F150 and how to fix them:

Problem 1: Damaged Hood latch

A damaged hood latch refers to a broken or worn-out hood latch that no longer works. No matter how much you try, it will fail to lock the hood on your Ford F150 and is completely unusable.

  • Causes: It can happen due to physical damage. Besides, too much use or age can cause wear and tear that can damage the hood latch over time.
  • Symptoms: Inspect the hood latch and look for any physical proof of breaking. Check the teeth and springs more carefully, as they are the usual culprits in this situation.
  • Recommended Solution: Replace the damaged hood latch with a new one to fix this issue. If you ask whether you can repair it, the answer is no, as the latch is completely damaged.

Problem 2: Stuck Hood Latch

Often, the hood latch gets stuck or jammed in the Ford F150. When you try to open or close the hood, it will not work or will require too much force.

  • Causes: Dirt and debris build-up due to lack of lubrication or not using the hood latch for a long time can cause it to get stuck. Hood latch component misalignment can also jam the latch.
  • Symptoms: Difficulty in opening or closing the hood latch is a common symptom of a stuck hood. You may also face similar issues with the hydraulic clutch.
  • Recommended Solution: Clean the hood latch properly and then lubricate it to fix the issue. Besides, check for any misalignment and fix it as necessary.

Problem 3: Hood Latch Release Handle Failure

The hood latch release handle enables you to open or close the hood. But you may fail to activate or open the hood if the release handles fail.

  • Causes: The release handle can get damaged due to wear and tear. Mechanical failure can also cause this issue.
  • Symptoms: The common symptom is that when you pull the hood latch release handle, it will not open the hood, or the latch will remain unlocked.
  • Recommended Solution: To fix the issue, you should replace the faulty hood latch release handle in your Ford F150.

Problem 4: Broken Hood Latch Release Cable

When you pull the handle, the release cable transmits the power to open the hood. But if it is broken, it will be disconnected from the hood latch, and the hood will not open when you pull the lever.

  • Causes: Cable stretching or wear and tear can break the release cable. Besides, Improper installation can disconnect the cable.
  • Symptoms: When you try to pull the latch release handle, it will not work, even if the handle is okay. You may also feel the handle is loose as it is not connected to the latch.
  • Recommended Solution: Inspect the release cable and connect it to the hood latch if it is only disconnected and not broken. But in case of a broken hood latch release cable, you will need to replace it.

Problem 5: Damaged Hood Latch Striker

The hood latch striker helps the latch keep the hood locked in position. But if it is damaged, then the hood latch will not lock.

  • Causes: Commonly, wear and tear leads to latch striker damage. Besides, rust can also cause this issue in your Ford F150.
  • Symptoms: The hood latch will not secure itself in position. Even if it does, it may open automatically while driving.
  • Recommended Solution: As the hood latch striker is damaged, it is unrepairable, and you will need to replace this part to fix the issue.

Problem 6: Loose Hood Latch

The hood latch in your Ford F150 can get loose over time. In this situation, you will face difficulties keeping the hood in a locked position.

  • Causes: The hood latch can get loose due to wear and tear. Inappropriate fasting of the components can also cause this.
  • Symptoms: When you try to lock the hood in your truck, the hood will keep popping off. Even if you manage to lock it, it will automatically open up while driving or shaking the vehicle. Besides, the hood can also vibrate and make noise.
  • Recommended Solution: Adjust and fasten all the latch components to secure them well. If that does not fix the issue, replace it with a new hood latch.

Problem 7: Frozen Hood Latch

During the winter, a frozen hood latch is a pretty common issue with Ford F150 trucks. When it happens, you will find it troubling to open the hood.

  • Causes: Freezing temperatures during the winter season cause frozen hood latches. It is more likely to happen if you do not lubricate the latch regularly.
  • Symptoms: The hood remains locked during the cold weather, or you may find it tough to open the hood. If you face this issue during other seasons, that’s a stuck hood latch issue that I already discussed under problem 2.
  • Recommended Solution: Try thawing the frozen latch with warm air or deicing solutions to open the hood. Lubricate the hood latch more to prevent this problem in the future.
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Ford F150 Hood Latch Replacement Cost

The average hood latch replacement cost for the Ford F150 ranges between $120 and $250. It includes $15 to $105 for the replacement part or the hood latch and $85 to $145 for labor costs.


However, you can save on labor costs if you replace the hood latch yourself. The process is not too complicated and takes a short time. You can watch this video to learn how to replace the hood latch on the Ford F150.

I already mentioned 7 different hood latch problems, and the cost can vary depending on which issue you are having. Several other factors can also affect the repair cost.

Components Cost List:

The hood latch for the Ford F150 is priced between $20 and $105 on average. You will need it only when the hood latch is damaged.

In most cases, you may only need to lubricate the latch, which costs around $5 to $35. WD-40-type lubricants are recommended for the latch, as it is metal.

You may also need to replace various other parts that cost different amounts.

Hood latch$15-$105
Lubricants (WD-40)$5-$35
Hood latch release handle$25-$58
Hood latch release cable$15-$90
Hood latch striker$21-$38

Note: These Ford F150 power hood latch replacement costs are rough estimations. The actual cost will vary depending on the problem’s severity and where you repair it.

Hood Latch Brands:

Depending on which hood latch brand you choose, the cost of the parts will vary. But I will always suggest you find a good quality hood latch for better performance.

For instance, you can buy an original Ford hood latch from Lakeland Ford Online Parts for $45 to $75 on average, depending on your Ford F150 vehicle year and engine.

But most people like to use aftermarket parts. In that case, you can get a Dorman hood latch for around $25 to $80. A few other brands are also available on the market.

Parts Galaxy$49-$53


What is the purpose of the hood latch in a Ford F150?

The hood latch in the Ford F150 secures the hood in position and ensures it does not get unlocked accidentally. A bad hood latch means the hood will not close or open properly.

Can I fix a faulty hood latch myself?

Yes. Fixing a faulty hood latch is pretty easy with a little auto-repairing experience. But if any other connecting parts are also damaged, then it’s better to visit an expert, as the task will be complicated.

Is a faulty hood latch a safety concern?

Yes. A broken hood latch can endanger your safety even though you can still drive. If the hood pops up while you are driving, it can block your view and lead to accidents.

Can extreme weather conditions affect the hood latch?

Yes. Extreme weather, especially freezing weather, can affect the hood latch. If the truck is out in the snow, then you may find it difficult to open or close the hood due to a stuck hood latch.

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