Ford F150 Interchangeable Years (Full Guide)

Most Ford F150 parts from the 1980s to the 2000s are interchangeable and include the engine, ECM (electronic control module), transmission, seats, doors, cargo box, cabs, bumper and cover, hood, and grille, to name but a few. However, not all the parts within this range are interchangeable.

Most of the parts are only interchangeable/compatible with adjacent F150 models or those in the same generation and have identical specifications. Other parts like truck beds, bodies, lights, etc., are highly flexible and interchangeable between a wide range of F150 years/makes/models, or even third-party manufacturers.

Our guide below walks you through the complete list of all Ford F150 interchangeable years, regarding the compatibility of interchangeable parts, models, and trims.

Ford F150 Year/Model Interchange List:

Here’s what to know about Ford F150 Interchangeable Part and their Compatible Years/Models

Ford F150 Interchangeable PartCompatible Years/Models
EngineAll models within the same generation
ECM (engine control module)1980 to 2000
Transmission systemAll models with the same engine type, transmission code, and physical dimensions
Doors1980 to 1996
Seats1997 to 2003
Cargo box1987 to 1991 and 1992 to 1996
Wheels1980 to 1997 and 2015 to present
Hood and grille2004 to 2008
Bumper and cover1997 to 2005
Cabs1980 to 1996
Inner fender wells1962 to 1977

From the above chart of Ford F150 interchangeable years and models, you can see;

● The interchangeable F150 parts are mostly for the models in the 1980s to 2000s.

● The only part that seems to be widely interchangeable, even in the most recent models, is the wheels—they can be used interchangeably for Ford F150 trucks from 1980 to 1997 and from 2015 to the present (more details about F150 year wheels interchangeable coming up later).

● Some key parts like engine, ECM, and transmission can also be used interchangeably, but only between certain models. For instance, the rear bumpers can be used interchangeably for models between 1980 and 1996 while front bumpers are not.

● The rear bumper will only match if your truck was made in the same year. The same goes for other parts like the fender sides, hoods, and flare side trucks.

● There are some parts like mirrors and dashboards that can NOT be interchangeable between all the F150 models.

What Year Ford F150 Parts are Interchangeable

In this part, we’ll dive deeper into all the potentially interchangeable parts for various Ford F150 years, as we’ve just outlined in the above table.


The F150 boasts its place as part of the F-series range of cars since the mid-70s. And one thing to note about the F-series is that its engine has only grown more complex and powerful over the years.

Each time the manufacturer made a major engine change, they brought forth a new generation of F150.

What years interchange with F150 engine? Any, if it’s from the same generation. This simply means that if you wish to swap an engine between two Ford F150s, you’ll have to look for a model that at least falls in the same generation as your car. Even if there are any differences in engine models of the same year, they’re quite minor.

Also, since some model years of F150 have a couple of engine options, you’ll also want to ensure that your replacement matches your former engine option.

You should also take note of any changes that you may need to make to your “new” one based on any minor changes or modifications that may exist between the given model years. For instance, you may need to modify sensor wiring to ensure smooth swapping to the new engine.

So, if, for instance, your F150 is experiencing catalytic converter problems or other massive engine issues and plan to replace it, you should consider looking into F150 models within the same generation that has the same engine type.

Engine Control Module (ECM)

Another crucial part of the F-150 you’ll be happy to know that it can be easily swapped between F150 models is the ECM.

For starters, the ECM is simply your vehicle’s computer and plays a crucial role in controlling the transmission, engine performance, and several other functions.

Though this computer is programmed by the manufacturer, you can easily switch it with the right model if it becomes faulty.

As we indicated in the table above, ECM swapping between various F150 model years is limited to the vehicles from 1980 to 2000. These models are equipped with the same ECM, which means it’s easy to swap a unit from any of these models to the other.

Just don’t go beyond this range. If you try swapping a pre-1998 ECM to a post-2000 F150, it may technically function. But the problem would be that some certain safety features introduced in 2000 would not be supported by this “outdated” computer.

Transmission System

Wondering if you can swap your F150 trans system for another F150 truck? Here’s the answer…If the two F150 models in question share the same engine, transmission code, and physical dimensions, then a transmission swap between them will definitely work.

However, remember that you may need to reprogram the electric modules and rewire some sensors to ensure the newer transmission system functions correctly in your F150 truck.


It is pretty normal for your vehicle doors to undergo tear and wear, especially when accidents happen. Knowing you can always replace a damaged F150 door with one from a compatible F150 is great news.

As you may have noticed in the table above, doors for older F150 models are easily swappable without any issues. To be more precise, doors for F150 models years from 1980 to 1996 are easily interchangeable.

This is made possible by the simple fact that the doors didn’t see any significant design changes within this period.

There were minor changes on the mirror mounts, windows, and handles, but the general door shape and fittings for these model years remained the same.

Cargo Box

One area where the F150 truck stands out from the competition is providing you with a cargo box for carrying your tools and other essentials.

The cargo boxes for F150 models between 1987 and 1991 are easily interchangeable. the same goes for trucks between 1992 and 1996.

The cargo boxes for the above-mentioned years are interchangeable because they came with the same size and the same rounded design.

Unfortunately, these boxes for older trucks won’t work for F150s from 2004 as they witnessed newer designs—with sharper edges. Fitting an old cargo box in the new truck will therefore look out of place.

TIP: Even for the interchangeable models, you should keep in mind that cargo boxes are available in short and long-size options. They also come in various styles (namely fleet side, fender side, and dually). Therefore, make sure your potential replacement box has dimensions matching those of your former box before you proceed with the swapping process.

What Year F150 Wheels are Interchangeable?

Of all the parts featured in our table above regarding what F150 years to interchange, wheels seem to be more flexible and can be widely interchanged between various models of trucks.

Despite the wheels not causing a lot of issues when it comes to interchangeability, we still urge you to ensure you have the right wheels.

Otherwise, wheels that are too big for your car model will not fit. And those that are too small might cause your truck to strain.

If you want to ensure you get the right wheels, you’d want to focus on the F150 bolt pattern of the two trucks you’re swapping rims/wheels for.

Or you can simply refer to our table above which shows that all Ford F150 trucks from 1980 to 1997 have the same wheels and would be easily interchangeable. The same goes for F150 models from 2015-present.


Here are quick answers to other commonly asked questions about F150 interchangeable years:

Are all Ford F150 seats interchangeable?

Not all Ford F150 seats are interchangeable. However, the F150 seats for the 1997-2003 model years generally have the same design and can be used interchangeably for all the car models that fall within this range. Trucks from 2009 onward have cool/heat seats with multiple adjustments (the latest models even feature massage and max recline seat features) and will take a lot of work to swap successfully, including wiring their diagrams.

What year Ford F150 transmissions are interchangeable?

From the Ford F150 transmission interchange chart we shared earlier, the transmission systems for all Ford F150 models with the same engine type, transmission code, and physical dimensions are interchangeable.

What year did the F-150 change its body style?

For its 4th generation F150s (1961–1966), Ford released a unibody truck model with increased size and an upgraded interior. The first full-sized F150 pickup was released in 1961 and featured a body construction and integrated cab.

The 5th generation of Ford F-150 (from the year 1967 to 1972) got a new body style with notable changes in terms of redesigned grille extended cab for extra shoulder room of up to 4 inches, and squared-off headlights.

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Key Takeaways:

Find key takeaways of the Ford F150 Interchangeable Years for interchanging different parts across different make/models/years.

● The Ford F150 interchangeable year models are mostly from the 1980s to the 2000s. Models within this range have a wide range of interchangeable parts including engine, ECM, transmission, seats, doors, and cargo box.

● F150 wheels are the most flexible parts when it comes to interchangeability. Other parts like truck beds, bodies, lights, etc., are highly flexible and interchangeable between a wide range of F150 models.

● Before you do swapping for any F150 part, make sure you research the specific part you plan to replace to find out which models it is compatible with.

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