Ford F150 Moonroof Problems and Solutions

Common Ford F150 moonroof problems include stuck or jammed windows, leakage, excess noise, broken or damaged glass, motor failure, faulty control modules, and electrical issues.

The average moonroof replacement cost varies from $545 to $850, including $95 to $210 for parts and $450 to $640 for labor.

However, the cost can vary based on several factors, including what other parts may need replacement.

I will explain all the moonroof problems and their solutions to help you understand what parts you will need to fix the issue. Besides, I will discuss the repair and replacement costs in detail. Let’s start.

7 Common Ford F150 Moonroof Problems

The moonroof in the Ford F150 is a great feature that allows you to get some air and light inside the vehicle from the top. This video explains everything about the moonroof in the F150.

However, if you are having problems with the moonroof, you may get worried. But there is nothing to be concerned about, as every issue has a fix.

The following are the common problems with solutions:

Problem 1: Stuck or Jammed Moonroof

The moonroof in the Ford F150 has smooth opening and closing. But it can get defective and get stuck or jammed in a position.

  • Causes: A common cause of a stuck motor is an accumulation of dirt and debris around it. Besides, a damaged motor or cables can also lead to the same problem.
  • Symptoms: The moonroof will get stuck in a partially opened or closed position. Additionally, opening it may be difficult.
  • Recommended Solution: First, clean the debris around the moonroof to make it smooth. You can try DIY solutions like dish soap and vinegar for cleaning. If it does not solve the problem, inspect the motor and cables, and replace the damaged parts.

Problem 2: Moonroof Leakage

The perfect sealing of the moonroof in the Ford F150 ensures the water stays outside the cabin. But a leak in the system can cause the water to get inside.

  • Causes: Damaged or worn-out seal is the most probable reason behind the leak. Besides, clogged drain tubes can also cause this problem in your truck.
  • Symptoms: Water will get into the cabin when it’s raining, or you are washing the truck. In addition, mold can develop near the moonroof if a small amount of water leaks and is ignored for a long time.
  • Recommended Solution: Check and replace all the damaged seals and ensure a proper fit. Also, clean the debris from the drain tubes to keep the flow of water smooth.

It reminds me that leakage is also one of the Ford F150 rear differential problems.

Problem 3: Excess Noisy Operation

The moonroof frame in the Ford F150 is designed in a way that allows it to operate smoothly and quietly. But a problem in the system will result in excess noise when operating the moonroof.

  • Causes: A loose seal is the main cause of the noise. Besides, if the moonroof does not fit properly on the frame, then it can make loud noises.
  • Symptoms: Excessive noise while opening or closing the moonroof. It can also make noise while driving.
  • Recommended Solution: Replace the loose or damaged seals and ensure proper fit. Ensure the moonroof frame is of the correct size and fits properly.

Problem 4: Broken or Damaged Glass

The moonroof has a transparent protective barrier made of glass. But broken or damaged glass can make it unusable.

  • Causes: Excessive force or pressure can cause the glass in the moonroof to break. Besides, accidents or hitting other objects are also common causes.
  • Symptoms: You can see the moonroof glass cracked or scratched. In severe cases, the glass may break and fall inside the truck.
  • Recommended Solution: As broken glass is unrepairable, you will need to replace the glass with a new one.

Problem 5: Motor Failure

A motor in the Ford F150 ensures the moonroof operates smoothly without any issues. But when the motor fails, the moonroof will not function normally.

  • Causes: The motor can fail due to overheating, age, or electrical issues. Worn-out gears or cables can also cause this issue.
  • Symptoms: The moonroof will not open or close and be stuck in the same position. Besides, you may hear unusual noise from the motor but not any activity of the moonroof.
  • Recommended Solution: Check if the motor is okay or not. Replace it if it is damaged and also check if electrical issues, such as alternator problems are resolved.

Problem 6: Faulty Control Module

The moonroof switch, along with the control module, ensures convenient operation of the moonroof. But a faulty control module can interrupt this process.

  • Causes: The control module can malfunction due to software glitches or faulty programming. Besides, wiring issues can also cause this problem.
  • Symptoms: You will get inconsistent responses from the moonroof while trying to open or close it. It works just fine at times, but not always.
  • Recommended Solution: First, try to reprogram the control module by an expert, and if that does not fix it, then replace the module. Also, ensure there are no wiring problems.

Problem 7: Electrical Issues

Various electrical components in the Ford F150 ensure efficient power running between them and the moonroof. However, truck electrical problems are quite typical.

  • Causes: Malfunctions of the sensor or faulty wiring are the most common causes of electrical issues that cause the moonroof to fail. Not to mention electrical issues can also damage the AC. Read my article on Ford F150 air conditioning troubleshooting to fix the issue.
  • Symptoms: Intermittent operation or inconsistent response from the moonroof are the common symptoms. In addition, the moonroof might completely stop working or act in any way.
  • Recommended Solution: First, check the wiring, sensors, and electrical components. To solve the problem, swap out the damaged parts for new ones.

Ford F150 Moonroof Replacement Cost

The moonroof replacement in the Ford F150 costs approximately $545 to $640. It includes a parts cost of $95 to $210 and a labor cost of $450 to $640.

The labor cost for the moonroof replacement is quite expensive. Hence, if you have auto repair experience, you can try DIY and save a good sum of money.


However, it only provides a general idea of the price for replacing the moonroof. The actual cost will change based on the issue, where it is fixed, and the generation you own.

● F150 Moonroof Parts Cost List:

Although moonroofs for the Ford F150 cost only between $95 and $210 on average, some premium options can cost more than a few thousand dollars. It depends on how much you want to spend.

However, a moonroof motor for the Ford F150 costs around $54 to $190 on average, while the seal costs only $10 to $65. You may need to replace a few other parts to fix the moonroof problems.

Control module$10-$84

Note: These moonroof replacement costs are only rough estimations. The actual cost will vary depending on the problem’s severity and where you repair it.


Can I fix a stuck moonroof myself?

Yes. A stuck moonroof usually requires cleaning the moonroof and the panels, which you can do yourself. You can purchase vehicle cleaners or try homemade solutions such as soapy water.

Is it necessary to have a professional inspect my moonroof problems?

If the moonroof is not functioning and you fail to identify the reason, then it is necessary to have a professional inspection. You may try the initial fix I recommended, but visit a mechanic if you can not solve the issue.

Can a malfunctioning moonroof affect the overall vehicle performance?

No. The moonroof has no connection with the performance of the vehicle. Hence, if it malfunctions, you will have no other issues with the truck, and you can drive it worry-free.

How long does it take to fix a moonroof?

It may take 30 to 120 minutes to fix a moonroof, depending on the severity of the problem. If it is only cleaning, then it will not take long. But it will take more than an hour to replace the moonroof.

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