Ford F150 No Power When Accelerating: The Causes and Solutions

Faulty spark plugs and ignition coils are common causes of Ford F150 having no power when accelerating. However, failing carburetors and air filters are also known to cause power loss, especially in an incline. Most times, the engine check engine light will illuminate, or there will be an engine failsafe mode message display.

While Ford F150 trucks are known for their remarkable hauling and towing capacity, they’re not immune to engine problems. Among the issues is the loss of power while accelerating and sometimes a spasmodic jerking. The solution includes replacing the failing part as soon as the problem is detected.

In this article, you will learn the various causes of the Ford F150 losing power when accelerating and the solutions.

Why Does My Ford F150 Loose Power When Accelerating?

Loss of power when accelerating happens when the driver fully depresses the acceleration pedal, but the car fails to accelerate successfully. In most cases, the engine will regain power shortly afterward and accelerate, but sometimes it might not. The following table contains the various parts that may cause power loss while accelerating and their possible solutions.

Faulty Catalytic ConverterIf your catalytic converter is blocked it can force exhaust back into the engine. The pressure causes the loss of power.Unclog using a degreaser and hot water or replace.
Failing Torque ConverterA failing torque converter is unable to transmit torque to the engine, resulting in a lack of power during acceleration.Replace if the needle bearings are too damaged.
Failing TransmissionA failing transmission is unable to transmit power from the engine to the wheels causing a loss of power.If the gears are excessively damaged you should replace them.
Failing Ignition Coils and Spark PlugsIf either the Ignition coils or spark plugs are damaged, combustion fails causing a misfire.Replace the faulty parts with new ones.
Clogged Air FiltersClogged air filters block air needed for combustion in the engine resulting in a misfire.Replace the air filters.

Ford F150 EcoBoost No Power When Accelerating

As of 2022, Ford has six distinctive engines to provide options for their F-150 trucks. They include their EcoBoost and PowerBoost engines which have over 400Hp and improved towing capacities. However, as with many other vehicles, these Ford engines also have problems.

The main problem with the engine is the lack of power during acceleration. This lowers the top speed. It has a top speed of 55 Mph, so you can realize how fast can you drive in 4×4 high F150.

Since the problem can cause power loss, it can turn out to be a life-altering problem as it can lead to accidents while overtaking. EcoBoost engines particularly have an overheating problem, the main cause of acceleration power loss in the Ford F150.

Overheating can damage other crucial parts like ignition and spark plugs interfering with their performance. The two are responsible for the production of a spark needed at the top of a compression stroke. Without them, the engine misfires, and the unburnt fuel and air mixture is wasted through the exhaust.

What Are the Causes and Solutions of Ford F150 Losing Power During Acceleration?

There are many possible reasons for the engine losing power in the Ford F150. The reasons are categorized into three groups based on the root cause of the problem. The groups include:

  1. Overheating: Most of the overheating problems are solved after improving the car’s cooling system. This system is responsible for keeping the engine and other parts at operating temperature while avoiding overheating. However, replacements are often the best solution since most overheated parts are damaged completely.
  2. Clogging: clogging problems are most times fixed by unclogging. Most of the repairs can be done at home using DIY solutions, but some must be done by a professional.
  3. Mechanical issues: Other mechanical issues or component failures require part replacement with the help of a professional technician.

Below we describe all the causes under all three categories that cause no power in Ford F150 when accelerating.

1. Overheating

Below are the components that could be possibly causing the issues; find out their details and see how you can solve that.

● Faulty Spark Plugs

After overheating, the spark plug gets blistered and cannot create a spark in the engine. The result is a misfire and loss of power. Replace the faulty with new spark plugs costing between $30 and $50.

● Faulty Ignition Coil

If the insulation in the ignition coil is damaged, it can cause a short or breaking of the coils. The ignition coil is unable to power the plug resulting in a misfire. The solution is replacing the ignition coil.

● Damaged Cylinders

Overheated cylinders are prone to cracking and cannot create a combustion chamber. They result in a misfire which causes a rough engine running and loss of power during acceleration. The cylinder heads are repairable if not extensively damaged.

2. Clogging

Mostly clogs happen due to dirt accumulation. This is what you when this happens:

● Dirty Fuel Injector

A clogged injector is unable to spray fuel in the combustion chamber. The engine misfires and loses power. Unclog the fuel injectors at home or call professionals, which can cost between $50 to $150.

● Faulty Catalytic Converter

F150 catalytic converter problems are among the common causes of power loss due to misfires. The converter would block, forcing exhaust back into the engine. The solution is to replace it with a new one costing between $1400 and $1500.

● Dirty Air Filters

When clogged, the air filter doesn’t supply oxygen to the engine. The engine misfires and loses power when accelerating. Air filters can be repaired at home using cleaning solutions or replaced if severely damaged. Replacements cost between $50 and $60.

3. Other

Other causes include:

● Faulty Carburetors

A leaking carburetor can cause a misfire since the air-fuel mixture will likely differ. The misfire can be the reason your Ford F150 loses power while accelerating. A Ford F-150 carburetor costs from $200 – $500.

● Faulty Accelerator Cable

Acceleration cables create a link between the gas pedal and the throttle plate. If damaged, it might be the reason your truck has problems accelerating. The cost of buying a new acceleration cable is between $50 and $100.

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Key Takeaways:

Engine parts malfunctions cause the no power when acceleration problem in Ford F150. These diverse parts contribute directly to the engine performance, and their failures vastly impact acceleration. Their root causes include overheating and clogging, among others.

  • Overheating problems causing loss of power include faulty ignition coils and spark plugs causing misfires.
  • Clogging problems include dirty air filters, fuel injectors, and catalytic converters, resulting in interferences.

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