Ford F150 Power Running Boards Problems with Solution

The Ford F150 power running board problems include a stuck running board, motor failure, sensor malfunction, control module issues, and faulty wiring.

The average repair cost varies from $110 to $1,110, including $60 to $350 for labor and $50 to $650 for parts. And the replacement cost range from $1,450 to $2650, including $60 to $350 for labor and $1,400 to $2,300 for power running boards.

One of the reasons why there is a big gap between the minimum and maximum cost of the part is because, depending on the problem, you may need to repair or replace a different component.

This raises the question, What are the typical power running board issues? Today, I will answer this question and also talk about the symptoms and solutions. Then I will try to give you a detailed idea of the repair cost. Let’s start!

What Do Power Running Boards Do and Symptoms of Faulty Power Running Board

On the lower side of the doors, there is an electrically powered side step called a power running board or electric running board. It extends outward when you open the door and retracts back when you close it.

The main purpose of a power running board is to make entry and exit from the vehicle easier. It is common in trucks, including the Ford F150. As trucks are usually taller than normal cars, the power running boards are useful.

Symptoms of faulty power running boards are incompatible behavior of the running power board, the board isn’t responding, error message showing on the display, slow deploying, and It being stuck in one position (either open, closed, or partially opened).

Problems with electrical components in vehicles are pretty common. Besides the power/electric running board, you may also face alternator problems in a Ford F150. Try to identify the issue first and then take the necessary actions.

5 Common Problems of Ford F150 Power Running Boards

Power running boards in the Ford F150 often go bad due to various reasons. Although it does not affect the driving experience, it is still better to fix it if you are facing any problems with the board.

But first, it is essential to know what problems can occur within the running board and how to fix them.

Let’s talk about the 5 most common Ford f150 electric running boards problems, causes, symptoms, and solutions:

Problem 1: Stuck Power Running Board

A stuck power running board means the board is either not extending or not retracting back from the extended position. The board can also be stuck between open and closed positions.

It is one of the most common problems with electric running boards, and a majority of Ford owners face this issue.

  • Causes: Power running boards usually get stuck due to dirt and debris buildup. Besides, corrosion can also cause this problem. However, most Ford owners reported that they had faced this issue mostly during the winter season.
  • Symptoms: When you look at the running board, you can see it is stuck in a fixed position, either open, closed, or partially opened, and does not move when you close or open the door. Moreover, if it only moves a little but not fully, then it is also considered a stuck running board.
  • Recommended solution: To fix a stuck power running board in a Ford F150, first clean all the hinges and use a corrosion remover if there is too much corrosion. Then lubricate all the components, and the board should work fine.

Check out this video to learn more.

Note: If it does not fix the issue, then check for the following problems, as they can also cause stuck power running board problems.

Problem 2: Motor Failure

A motor powers the running board to extend and retract. But the motor can fail over time, causing the board to fail to function properly.

  • Causes: It can happen due to electrical malfunctions such as wiring issues or loose connections. Besides, wear and tear due to aging or overheating can also cause the motor to fail.
  • Symptoms: When you open or close the door of your Ford F150, the power running board will not respond at all as it is not receiving any power. In other words, the board will be stuck at its original position and will not extend.
  • Recommended solution: Test the motor board to ensure that it is the main problem and then replace the faulty motor.

Problem 3: Sensor Malfunction

The power running board is equipped with a sensor that allows it to detect when the door is opening or closing. But a malfunction in the sensor can prevent the board from detecting door movement, and as a result, it will not extend or close.

  • Causes: The sensor can get damaged due to electrical or wiring issues. If the vehicle had been in an accident recently, the sensor could also be damaged.
  • Symptoms: The power running board will show inconsistent behavior. It will sometimes extract and retract and sometimes not, and it will eventually stop working.
  • Recommended solution: First, check for any wiring issues or loose connections. If everything is okay, inspect the sensor and replace it if it is faulty.

Problem 4: Control Module Problems

There is a control module that controls the activity of the power running board of the Ford F150. Problems in the control module can also cause the board to act abnormally and not work properly.

  • Causes: Mainly, software glitches cause the control module to fail. Electrical issues are another major cause of this issue. One of my friends was changing the battery in his Ford F150 while leaving the door open. When he was testing the battery and connecting the wires, the running board detected electricity only for milliseconds, and it fired the power running board control module.
  • Symptoms: Error power running board messages on the dashboard or abnormal behavior of the board are some of the common symptoms of control module failure.
  • Recommended solution: If the control module is in good condition, but the board is not working properly, try to reprogram it with an expert. But if that does not work, you will need to replace the module.

Problem 5: Faulty Wiring

A lot of wires connect the power running boards to their sensors, control modules, batteries, and other components. If there is any loose connection or any wire that is bad, then it can lead to a power running board malfunction.

  • Causes: Wiring connections can get damaged due to corrosion. Besides the wiring harness, there is another reason.
  • Symptoms: Abnormal or inconsistent behavior of the power running board. Besides, the board not working at all is also a symptom of faulty wiring.
  • Recommended solution: Look for any loose connections and check the wires to see if they are transmitting electricity or not. Then repair or replace the wires as necessary.
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Ford F150 Power Running Boards Repair Cost

Most Ford F150, electric running board problems occur due to malfunctions in the other components that are connected to the running board.

Ford F150 power board repair costs can range from $110 to $1,100, including $60 to $350 for labor costs although it depends on which component needs replacing.

However, if it is a stuck power running board, then you can clean and lubricate the board at home. It will exclude labor costs.

If you only need to reprogram the control module, then there will be no parts cost.


It gives you an average idea of the potential repair cost. But the actual cost will vary based on different factors (location base labor cost, parts cost, parts availability).

You can repair it by yourself (DIY). So that, the labor cost will be reduced.

Power Running Boards Parts Cost List:

Parts NamePrice
Power Running Boards ‘Board’$400
Power Running Boards ‘Front Left Driver Side Motor with Bracket’$140-$250
Power Running Boards ‘Front Right Passenger Side Motor with Bracket’$140-$200
Power Running Boards ‘Front Left Driver Side Motor’$70-$150
Power Running Boards ‘Front Right Passenger Side Motor’$70-$150
Power Running Boards ‘Front Motor Bracket Passenger Side’$100-$200
Power Running Boards ‘Rear Motor Bracket Passenger Side’$100-$200
Power Running Boards ‘Front Motor Bracket Driver Side’$100-$200
Power Running Boards ‘Rear Motor Bracket Driver Side’$100-$200
Power Running Boards ‘Cap (rear left/front right)’$40
Power Running Boards ‘Cap (front left/rear right)’$40
Power Running Boards ‘Torsion Bar’$60
Power Running Boards ‘Sensor’$40-$140
Power Running Boards ‘Control Module’$90-$350
Power Running Boards ‘Wires’$30-$100

Note: These power running board repair costs are only rough estimations. The actual cost will vary depending on the problem’s severity and where you repair it.

Ford F150 Power Running Boards Replacement Cost

Depending on the problem, you may need to replace a different component. If there is damage to the power running boards and it needs replacement, then the power running boards will cost around $1,400 to $2,300. Not to mention, some premium running boards can cost more than a few thousand.

Electric/Power Running Boards$1,400-$2,300
Labor Cost$60-$350
Total Cost$1,450-$2650
Average Cost$1,800


Can I still drive my vehicle if the power running board is not working properly?

Yes. A faulty power running board does not affect other components in the vehicle and has no influence on the driving experience. Hence, you can drive even if the running board is not working.

How long do automatic running boards last?

Automatic running boards can easily last around 5 to 10 years. But if you put heavy pressure on it, then the board may break earlier.

Are power running boards problems covered by warranty?

Yes. Ford offers a warranty for power running board problems due to manufacturer defects. You can save a good amount of money if you still have the warranty.

Can I install aftermarket power running boards as a replacement?

Yes. You can install aftermarket power running boards as a replacement if the size fits your vehicle. People often install premium and stylish aftermarket boards that look cool but are quite expensive.

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