Ford F150 Power Steering Pump Problems & Replacement Cost

Common Ford F150 power steering pump problems include fluid leaks, hard steering, fluid contamination, noises, pulley issues, loss of power, and erratic power steering assistance.

The replacement cost of F150 power steering pump varies between $325 and $500, with $155 to $235 for parts and $170 to $265 for labor.

Power steering pump issues can be dangerous because they make steering more difficult and put your safety in danger. Hence, you should take action to fix the issue ASAP.

I will talk about all the problems and their solutions throughout the article. In the end, I will provide a detailed explanation of the power steering pump repair and replacement costs based on various factors. Let’s go!

7 Common Ford F150 Power Steering Pump Problems

The Ford F150 steers pretty smoothly, and the credit goes to the high-quality power steering pump. But damage or malfunction in the system can lead to various problems and make your steering experience horrible.

Here are the common problems and recommended solutions:

Problem 1: Power Steering Fluid Leak

Power steering distributes pressurized hydraulic fluid to assist in steering the Ford F150. If the fluid leaks, the power steering pump will not work efficiently.

  • Causes: Power steering fluid mainly leaks due to damaged seals or loose fittings. A broken pump or damaged hoses can also leak fluid.
  • Symptoms: You will notice that the steering fluid level gets low quickly after filling. Besides, you will also find fluid drops in the steering pump and beneath the vehicle.

Not to mention, the hydraulic clutch also uses hydraulic fluid, and it can leak too. Check hydraulic clutch problems to ensure the leak is not from the clutch.

  • Recommended Solution: Inspect the seals, fittings, and hoses to find the source of the leak. Then replace the damaged parts and fasten the loose components to fix the power steering fluid leak.

Problem 2: Stiff or Hard Steering

The power steering pump makes steering the truck easier, but a faulty system can make it hard. You will feel the steering a little stiff while driving.

  • Causes: Low-level power steering fluid can make it hard to steer the Ford F150. Besides, a worn-out driving belt and a failing pump can also be the reason.
  • Symptoms: Difficulty turning the steering wheel is the most common symptom of hard steering. You may need to put extra effort into turning, or you may get a jerky response from the steering.
  • Recommended Solution: First, check the power steering fluid level and fill the reservoir if it is low. If it does not solve the issue, check the driving belt and the pump for damaged components and replace them as necessary.

Problem 3: Power Steering Fluid Contamination

Good quality power steering fluid is necessary to lubricate and cool down the system for optimal performance. But fluid contamination will prevent the system from functioning properly.

  • Causes: If dirt and debris get into the reservoir, it will contaminate the fluid. Besides, excess moisture can also cause this problem.
  • Symptoms: Initially, you will notice the steering is hard or there is a loss of power. Then, when you check the power steering fluid, it should look discolored or dirty due to contamination.
  • Recommended Solution: First, drain out all the fluid from the reservoir and check why it is getting contaminated. Block all ways of contamination and refill with new power steering fluid.

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Problem 4: Power Steering Pump Noise

Whining or grinding noise while steering is a pretty common problem Ford F150 owners face. It indicates a malfunction in the power steering pump.

  • Causes: Worn-out pump bearings or belts can cause noise. Besides, low fluid levels or contamination can also lead to this problem.
  • Symptoms: Every time you steer your truck, whining, grinding, or groaning sounds will come from the steering or the pump. It is most likely to happen while driving at a low speed.
  • Recommended Solution: Check the worn-out bearings or belts and replace them as necessary. Also, ensure proper fluid level free of contamination.

Problem 5: Power Steering Pump Pulley Issues

The power steering has a pulley that transfers power from the engine to the pump. Various problems can occur with the pulley, leading to steering pump failure.

  • Causes: Worn-out pulley bearings and loose pulleys are the most common problems with it. Besides, misaligned or damaged pulleys can also cause a defective power steering pump system.
  • Symptoms: Common symptoms include abnormal noises from the power steering pump area and difficulty turning the steering.
  • Recommended Solution: Inspect and replace the damaged power steering pulleys. Also, ensure proper alignment and tightness.

Problem 6: Loss of Steering Power

The power steering pump may fail completely and cause an absolute loss of steering power. You will get no assistance from the steering pump.

  • Causes: Internal damages in the power steering pump system, electrical failure, and excessive wear are some of the common causes of loss of steering power. Power steering belt slipping can also cause this issue.
  • Symptoms: You will find it pretty hard to steer the wheel in your Ford F150. Abnormal noises may also come from the power steering system.
  • Recommended Solution: Replace the power steering pump with a new one if there is internal damage or the component is worn out. Also, inspect the steering belt and other electrical components.

However, a bad alternator can also cause issues with the electrical components.

Problem 7: Erratic Power Steering Assistance

Lastly, you may also face erratic power steering assistance problems. Usually, the power steering pump ensures smooth steering in the Ford F150, but sometimes you may have problems with it.

  • Causes: A malfunction in the pump or air in the power steering system can cause this issue. Besides, a faulty power steering control module can lead to this problem too.
  • Symptoms: You will get inconsistent assistance in steering. There will be sudden changes in effort while steering. It will steer smoothly for a moment, and the steering will be stiff the next moment.
  • Recommended Solution: Clean the power steering system properly. Replace the power steering pump if damaged and reprogram the control module if faulty.

Replacement Cost of Ford F150 Power Steering Pump

The average power steering pump replacement cost ranges from $325 to $500. It includes the parts cost, which varies from $155 to $235 (average), and the labor cost, which is around $170 to $265.

Nonetheless, if you watch this video, you can replace the power steering pump yourself, which will save on labor costs. But if you do not have the necessary tools or are not confident in repairing work, then it’s best to visit a mechanic.

Parts$155-$235 (average)

However, the above table gives an estimated idea of the overall power steering pump replacement cost. It can vary significantly based on which part you need to replace, which generation of the truck you have, and where you repair.

Parts Cost List:

A new power steering pump for a Ford F150 costs between $155 and $235 on average. Some of the aftermarket pumps are available for around $100, but they are not of good quality.

However, in most cases, you may only need to get the steering fluid, which only costs around $14 to $43. However, if there is a leak, you might need to purchase a seal and a hose, which will cost, respectively, $13 to $45 and $18 to $56.

Power steering pump$70-$400
Steering fluid$10-$80
Steering belt$25-$113

Note: These Ford F150 power steering pump replacement costs are rough estimations. The actual cost will vary depending on the problem’s severity and where you repair it.


Can I continue driving with a faulty power steering pump?

Yes. But it is not recommended to drive with a faulty power steering pump due to safety issues. A faulty power steering pump will make it difficult to steer, which can lead to accidents.

How long does a power steering pump typically last in a Ford F-150?

A power steering pump typically lasts 100,000 to 150,000 miles with proper maintenance. But not using good quality or enough fluid can reduce the lifespan of the pump.

How often should you change the power steering fluid on a Ford F150?

You should change the power steering fluid at least once every 30,000 to 60,000 miles to keep the system in good condition. If the fluid level gets low earlier for any reason, you should change the fluid instantly.

Is the power steering pump repairable?

The power steering pump is usually not repairable, except in some rare situations. Even if you are able to repair it, the pump will not last long. If the power steering pump fails, it’s best to replace it with a new one.

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