Ford F150 Transmission Problems – Causes, Solutions, and Costs

In 2019, Ford recalled almost 1.3 million Ford F150s due to downshifting problems that used to get stuck in first gear. This problem was mainly discovered in Ford F150 2011-2013 models of 6-speed automatic transmission.

Aside from this, since its introduction in 2017, F150 10-speed automatic transmission models have been facing hazardous shifting, power loss, gear slipping, stuttering, acceleration, and so on.

Here, we will discuss the Ford F150 transmission problems, the facts, the manufacturer’s responses, and the cost you need to spend on them.

Common Ford F150 Transmission Problems: Overview

Before getting into the Ford F150 transmission problems details, here is a table to look at the problems in short. This will help you to get the issues quickly.

Model VersionProblems
F150 6-speed transmissionTransmission downshifts due to software problem
Both F150 6-speed and 10-speed transmissionPower loss
Traction loss
Speed loss
Engine knocking during acceleration
Gear slipping
Jerking while running
Harsh transmission
Gear stuck
Delayed shifting
Transmission fluid leak
Transmission downshift gear to neutral due to software problem
Transmission sensor problem

Ford F150 Transmission Problems and Possible Solutions

The Ford F150 is the top-selling truck in the USA history since it was in the market. Though it has been on the top, issues are common in vehicles.

Among numerous issues, we have listed the most common ones reported against the F150. We will briefly talk about F150 Transmission Problems: solve common issues, cost & replace cost from here till the end. Let’s first briefly discuss the transmission problems to understand them and their possible solutions.

● Transmission Downshift Due to Software Problem

In the Ford F150 2011-2013 models, more than 1 million cars were recalled by Ford. The problem was the software that forcefully downshifted the gear in one.

As a result, the control loss might cause accidents. By 2019, there were 5 crashes reported due to the same problem.


Mainly, the issues must be resolved by the manufacturer. So, contact Ford to resolve the issue. Also, Ford should resolve it as a recalled issue free of cost.

● Power and Speed Loss

Sudden power and speed loss are a big sign of a faulty transmission system. These create hazardous situations and unexpected experiences on busy roads. And these also might be dangerous, which creates the chance of clashing with other vehicles.


The only solution is to pick up your F150 to a professional auto mechanic or shop. They will diagnose and repair the issue with the necessary steps.

● Traction Loss

It’s a dangerous problem if you experience it while running your truck. When you downshift the transmission, you may face traction control loss. Thus, it may result in a crash or out-of-control situation in snowy and rainy weather.


If you get a recall after claiming the issue to Ford, they will take care of it. Otherwise, take your truck to an auto repair mechanic who will diagnose the exact cause behind it and repair it.

Besides, the good news is you can hope to avoid such a problem if you choose Ford F150 Texas Edition. It is specially designed to withstand more tough situations.

● Engine Knocking During Acceleration

If you hear a knocking inside your engine or clunking a lot, it’s certain that your transmission has a severe problem. So, there is no chance of getting late.


Get your F150 into an auto mechanic shop as soon as possible. In such a case, you may get rid of it by repairing or replacing any component. The worst case is if you need to replace the entire transmission system.

● Slow Acceleration and Shift Slipping

The gear slamming and slipping shifting is a frustrating issue of the transmission problem. This issue generally doesn’t get fixed. You might need to walk through this problem till the end of the transmission lifespan.

Another significant problem is the slow acceleration of trucks with the transmission issue.


A transmission replacement could be the only solution in this case. You are recommended to contact the manufacturer.

● Harsh Transmission and Gear Stuck

While running your F150, you may face harsh gear transmission due to the transmission problem. Aside from this, the transmission may get stuck in a particular gear, especially in gear 3.

This will create a tough hazard, bring loss of control, and cause accidents.


Get your truck to the mechanic in the fastest time. But, if you contact the manufacturer, it would be nice. By the way, this issue can be fixed automatically if nothing severe happens to the transmission system.

● Jerking While Running and Delayed Transmission Shifting

Another significant sign of a transmission problem is the truck will jerk while running. It will seem you are running on the rock. The loud clunk in the 2020 F150 was reported while shifting gear from to run.

Apart from this, the gear shifting will be unstable and delayed. This may work late. Also, some jerking and hard shifting problems are reported in Ford 2014 F150 versions. One of the reasons for delayed shifting and jerking is a lack of transmission fluid or the transmission fluid filter clogged.


Replace the transmission fluid. Or check for any clog in the transmission fluid filter. If so, clean it. If the filter is damaged, replace it.

● Transmission Downshift to Neutral

This is another software problem that is especially reported in the 2021 F150. The software issue forces the gear to set neutral automatically. In such cases, control losses and accidents may happen in the mid-road.

For this problem, Ford recalled more than 47,000 F150 trucks at the beginning of this year.


Update the software. However, this will be done by the dealer or the manufacturer.

● Transmission Fluid Leak

If your transmission’s fluid wear and dry out, it will leak and put you in a harsh condition. If such happens, you will notice red liquid under your truck.


The only solution is to replace the transmission fluid every 30,000-60,000 miles. This may cost you around $200. Otherwise, if the entire system fails, this may force you to spend thousands of dollars.

● Transmission Sensor Problem

Sometimes, TRS (transmission range sensor) can cause transmission problems. And it causes the problem in the back gear. When you change the shifter for reverse gear, it fails to engage the back gear.


Replace the transmission lead frame. The transmission sensor is in the transmission lead frame.

Cost and Replacement Cost of F150 Transmission System

Here, we have divided the cost into two sections- product cost and labor cost.

#1 – Product Cost

Ford F150 transmission is not a cheap replacement. You have to spend a significant amount of money. If the entire transmission system is needed to be replaced, you have to spend around $1,600 to $3,300 only for the new transmission.

Aside from this, you may stick to a used transmission that might cost you around $1,000. This cost is all about the entire transmission. However, you might not need to replace the entire transmission but rather some parts.

So, the cost will be significantly reduced if you just need to replace some parts.

#2 – Labor Cost

In the USA, the labor cost for auto repair varies from $75 to $150 per hour. The rate varies due to many reasons, including the area you live. For example, if you are in an urban area, you have to spend more than in a rural area.

On the other hand, the experience level of the mechanic, the reputation of the shop, and the complexities of the task also impact the labor cost. So, it will be calculated after the job is done.

The following table will give you a quick idea about the F150 transmission replacement cost.

Cost SectionCost
Whole transmission (New)$1,600 to $3,300
Whole transmission (used)Around $1,000
Labor cost$75 to $150 per hour
Transmission fluidAround $200
Transmission valveAround $900
Transmission filter kitAround $20
Transmission coolerAround $370
Transmission oil cooler lineAround $25
Transmission range sensorAround $30 to $70

Aside from this, if the problem is in software, Ford will solve your software issue at free of cost.

Tips To Avoid F150 Transmission Problems

The most observable tip to keep your Ford F150 transmission is to keep your truck’s transmission well-maintained. Maintain with care in every way, and change the transmission fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

Keep the transmission dust-free and clean. Also, learn which Ford F150 years to avoid. This may give you a great chance to avoid the issues.

But after maintaining everything, technical problems may happen. In this case, get your truck professional treatment and solve the issues.


Here are some most asked questions about Ford F-150 transmission problems.

What sensors cause transmission problems?

The transmission range sensor (TRS) causes the transmission problem. It creates issues in engaging reverse gear. So, you might not be able to keep moving your truck backside.

How many miles does an F-150 transmission last?

Generally, a transmission is designed to last at least 100,000 to 150,000 miles. With proper care and maintenance, it could last more miles. But, technical problems may happen anytime and damage the transmission’s lifespan in no time.

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Key Takeaways:

Although Ford F150 has been the most selling truck since it launched, it came with several problems. Many F150s have been recalled over time due to transmission problems.

Most of the problems are fixable. Software issues are free to fix by the dealer or the manufacturer. But other issues may cost you a significant amount of money. Overall, you should remember that:

  • Well-maintenance is key to preventing transmission issues.
  • Software updates can fix the downshifting problems.
  • Replacement of several parts regarding the problems is the basic solution. The mechanic will diagnose the problems and fix them.
  • Replacing a whole transmission is an expensive event.

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