Ford F150 Windshield Replacement Cost

Installing a new windshield on your Ford F150 will set you back $500 to $700, depending on the glass type, manufacturing year of the vehicle, and labor cost.

The latest models of Ford F150s cost more than older models to replace the windshield. And a big factor here is what type of parts you are installing. The labor charge may vary depending on your location and the expertise of the technician.

A lot of things add up to make the Ford F150 windshield replacement cost a constantly changing variable. This guide will give you a complete overview of the cost considering multiple factors. Check it out.

Ford F150 Windshield Price Chart

Here is the average price of windshields for various models of Ford F150.

Manufacturing YearAverage Price
2018$600 – $660
2017$520 – $560
2016$400 – $430
2015$400 – $440
2014$350 – $400
2013$300 – $400
2012$300 – $350

When to Replace Ford F150 Windshield?

Minor chippings or cracks on the windshield might go unnoticed for a while and escalate the damage. So, you need to look out for symptoms of a bad windshield. Check for the symptoms below.

  • The most common problem on windshields is chips or cracks. If the glass is hit by large debris, you must check for any sign of cracking.
  • If there are hairline cracks on the glass, they might not always be noticeable. But you will hear a whooshing noise, especially while driving the vehicle at high speed. This indicates the windshield has cracks somewhere.
  • When the windshield is fitted correctly, no water should enter the vehicle. If there are water leaks inside the truck, you must check the glass for cracks and its edges for a faulty seal.
  • Sometimes, you might find the windshield losing its uniform appearance. In such cases, you need to replace the windshield. Though engine replacement isn’t required that frequently, you might still need to replace the engine sometimes. Know Ford F150 Engine Replacement Cost.

Ford F150 Windshield Replacement Cost: Factors to Consider

As stated above, the cost of windshield replacement on your Ford F150 can significantly vary, depending on multiple factors. The total cost can be between $500 and $700, considering the parts price and labor cost. We will discuss these factors and give you an idea of how much does Ford F150 windshield cost in different situations.

● Glass Type

Two types of windshields are available out there. You can choose between OEM or aftermarket windshields, and that affects the total cost to a great extent. OEM stands for the original equipment manufacturer, which means the windshield you buy is manufactured by the same manufacturer as the vehicle. As a result, OEM windshields are pretty expensive.

But as they are from the same manufacturer as the truck, the fitment of these windshields is highly accurate. And the build quality of these glasses is also very high, so they last longer than other glasses.

Then there are aftermarket options. Though aftermarket windshields are much cheaper than OEM windshields, the quality of the glass is never the same. And as these glasses aren’t made by the same manufacturer as the vehicle, the fitment also differs in many cases.

So, how much does Ford F150 windshield cost? For OEM parts, the price may be $500-600. But if you go for aftermarket parts, the price will range from $300-400.

● Vehicle Insurance

The type and coverage of your vehicle insurance affect the windshield replacement cost. If you don’t have insurance, the replacement cost will be as high as mentioned above. But if you have insurance coverage, the cost can be a lot lower.

As most insurances don’t cover collision damage, you can’t claim the coverage if the windshield is damaged in an accident. In other cases, the highest coverage will depend on total deductibles.

● Trim Level and Model Year

Ford F150s come in different trims so that you can customize features on your vehicle. As some of the safety features, like lane departure warning systems, adaptive cruise control, etc., use various sensors, the windshield should be compatible with these features.

And these sensors might stop working if they aren’t recalibrated once the replacement is done. So, that can incur an additional cost depending on the trim level of your Ford F150.

Trim levels can be different on vehicles manufactured in different years. The latest vehicles will cost more to replace the windshield.

● Seal Type

The type of adhesive required during replacement can affect the replacement cost a bit. As the windshield should be perfectly sealed, the amount of adhesive needed for a vehicle can be different than others. And this will make the final bill rise.

● Labor Charge

Removing the damaged windshield and installing the new one takes some time to complete. And it is precision work, where the skill of the mechanic is very important. So, different garages may charge differently depending on their expertise and experience.

On top of that, the cost may vary across states. For example, the hourly rate can be $120 in your neighborhood but $200 in another state. There can also be some overhead costs. So, you should take these things into consideration.


Get some answers to frequently asked questions regarding Ford F150 windshield replacement.

How often should you change your windshield?

The replacement frequency of the windshield on the Ford F150 will depend on usage. If you drive the vehicle a lot, the windshield will wear quickly. In such cases, you might need to replace the windshield after five years.

Should you replace the windshield in summer or winter?

If you replace the windshield in winter, the adhesive might not cure correctly. So there will be broken seals in the windshield. You should replace it when the temperature is between 20-25 degree Celsius.

Can I drive with a cracked windshield?

Minor cracks may not be an issue as long as you can see the road clearly. But if there are major cracks, driving the vehicle can be too dangerous. And it may be illegal to drive a vehicle in such conditions.

Key Takeaways:

Windshield replacement is quite a precision job and expensive. Having a clear idea of the Ford F150 windshield replacement cost will help you negotiate more confidently. Remember the following points while installing windshields on your Ford F150.

  • OEM glasses cost more, but they fit better and last longer
  • Aftermarket parts are an affordable option
  • The price of the parts will vary depending on model year, trim level, etc.
  • Labor charge can vary depending on your location

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