Ford Sync Master Reset Not Working (Reasons and Fixes)

A master reset is a common solution to many issues with Ford Sync, but there may be cases where it does not work. If you’re in this situation, you may find yourself wondering what else you can do.

The main reason behind Ford Sync master reset not working:

  1. Incorrect reset procedure
  2. Software update issue
  3. Hardware malfunction
  4. Power-Related issues
  5. Memory corruption
  6. System-Specific Limitations
  7. High-Temperature effect

But besides the mentioned ones, other potential conditions can cause Ford Sync master reset may not work. Continue reading to learn about all the possible causes of such a problem and how to solve them.

Reasons Why Your Ford Sync Master Reset Not Working? (Fixes Included)

Such a commotion might arise due to one of the following reasons_

1. Incorrect Reset Procedure

When it comes to resetting the Ford Sync infotainment system, following the proper procedure is essential. Entering the wrong input or not following the correct timing may cause the master reset to be ineffective.

Additionally, the reset must be performed under the right conditions, such as with the engine running and the vehicle in park. Failure to follow the proper procedure can result in the issue persisting or even introducing further issues.

Fix – Do a Soft Reset

If a master reset on your Ford Sync system does not resolve the issue, you can try doing a soft reset on your phone instead. To perform a soft reset,

  • Power off your phone and remove the battery if possible.
  • After a few moments, put the battery back in (if you took it out) and turn on your phone.
  • Your phone should automatically reconnect to your Ford Sync if you recently did a key cycle.
  • If not, go to the Ford Sync Bluetooth menu and select “forget device” to remove your phone as a connected device.
  • Then, pair your phone with the Ford Sync Bluetooth again.

2. Software Update Issue

There can be multiple reasons why a master reset may not work when attempting to fix a software update issue with Ford Sync. Some possible reasons can include a software glitch, outdated software, a problem with the flash drive, issues with the connected smartphone, or other technical issues related to the software upgrade process.

Fix – Update Your Ford’s Software

If your Ford Sync is experiencing glitches or is not working properly, it may require a software upgrade to fix any issues and add new features.

The process for updating your Ford Sync software will depend on the type of car you have, but you can typically find information regarding how to update your Ford Sync on the Ford Update Sync page.

  • For Fords that have SYNC 3, you can connect your vehicle to a Wi-Fi network to receive updates.
  • If your vehicle does not have SYNC 3, you may need to download and install the updates manually or take your vehicle to a dealership to have the updates installed.

It is also important to note that upgrading your Ford Sync software can take some time, so it is recommended to ensure that your vehicle is parked in a safe location with the engine running during the update process.

Fix – Update Your Phone’s Software

Regular software updates are available for most Apple and Android phones, just like for your Ford Sync. Outdated software on your phone can cause various glitches, including issues with Bluetooth connectivity.

To resolve this, you should check if your phone is due for an update by going to the settings on your phone and clicking “download” if an update is available.

Keeping your phone software up-to-date ensures that it is compatible with other Bluetooth devices, including your Ford Sync.

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3. Hardware Malfunction

Hardware malfunction can be a possible reason why a Ford Sync master reset may not work, leading to ongoing issues. Corrupted hardware or problems with USB connections can contribute to a failed reset process and cause other system performance issues.

Fix – Perform a Key Cycle

If soft resetting your phone or resetting Bluetooth on your device and car does not work, you may want to try doing a key cycle on your Ford Sync.

A key cycle is an effective method to refresh the system and may help if your Ford Sync freezes and is stuck.

To perform a key cycle:

  • Start by ensuring your car is completely shut off and not in accessory mode.
  • If you have a push-start car with an Intelligent Access System, take your keys and leave your vehicle before locking the driver’s door.
  • Next, open the driver’s seat door and lock it before closing the driver’s door while ensuring you have your car keys with you.
  • Be sure that the radio’s display turns off completely, which may take a few minutes, and then restart your car to see if the Ford Sync works.

4. Power-Related Issues

The reason behind power-related issues, when a Ford Sync master reset is not working, can be due to a problem with the power supply or a malfunctioning battery.

Insufficient power supply or battery issues can prevent the reset process from completing as required and may cause other performance problems with the system.

5. Memory Corruption

If the Ford Sync button’s configuration or settings are affected by memory corruption, it may cause malfunctions or issues with using the Ford Sync master reset.

There are multiple reasons why memory corruption can occur, which can lead to data corruption in a system.

Some common causes of memory corruption may include software bugs, programming errors, outdated drivers or software, hardware defects or failure, and external factors like power failures or overheating.

Fix – Solve Memory Corruption

Memory corruption can occur due to software or hardware issues. To solve the memory corruption of Ford Sync,

  • Turn off the vehicle and disconnect its battery.
  • Wait for five minutes before reconnecting the battery and switching on the vehicle.
  • Then, press and hold the “Volume Down” and “Audio Power” buttons simultaneously for at least 10 seconds until a Ford logo appears on the screen.
  • Release both buttons and follow any on-screen instructions to complete the reset.
  • Test the Ford Sync system to verify that the memory corruption issue has been resolved.

6. System-Specific Limitations

Some Ford Sync systems may have specific limitations or restrictions that prevent a master reset from being successful due to manufacturer-imposed settings or configurations.

In such cases, alternative troubleshooting or professional assistance may be needed.

7. High-Temperature Effect

Keep your vehicle away from the utmost hot temperature or coldest weather. Extreme weather can harm your SYNC screen, for this reason, the Ford Sync master reset may not work properly.

How Much Is It To Fix Ford Sync Master Reset Not Working?

The cost would depend on the underlying issue causing the problem. If the issue is covered under warranty, it may not cost anything to fix.

If the power supply or sync system needs replacement, it can cost up to 100 dollars.

However, if the issue is due to a hardware malfunction or damage, it may require replacement or repair, which may incur a considerable cost. It is recommended to contact your nearest Ford dealer for accurate diagnosis and repair cost estimates.

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Why is SYNC 3 showing a blank screen?

This issue may occur due to certain features being locked while the vehicle is in gear or due to incompatible phone features.

How to troubleshoot Sync Master reset not working in Ford vehicles?

Ford Sync master reset may become unresponsive due to several reasons, including outdated software. To troubleshoot, check if your software is updated and try resetting the system again. If the issue persists, contact your nearest Ford dealer for assistance.

How to perform a master reset on my Ford Sync system?

Turn off the vehicle and disconnect the battery for at least five minutes before reconnecting and switching on. Hold down the “Volume Down” and “Audio Power” buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds until the Ford logo appears on the screen.

How to use the FordPass connect features of master reset when it does not work?

If FordPass Connect features a Master Reset that is not working, try troubleshooting and updating the software. If the issue persists, contact your nearest Ford dealer for assistance.

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