Honda Ridgeline Power Steering Problems: Causes and Fixes

Honda Ridgeline power steering problems are a common issue experienced by many 06-14 Honda Ridgeline owners. They include difficulty adjusting or turning the steering wheel, abnormal whining noises, and sudden loss of power steering.

While most people rush to replace the power steering pump, the fix is as simple as replacing the O-ring. If you have difficulty turning the steering wheel and there is no whining sound, it could be low-pressure tires. Inflating them should do the trick. If the problem doesn’t disappear, you can replace the pump.

Read on to learn more about these power steering problems and how to fix them.

Honda Ridgeline Power Steering Problems, Causes, and Solutions – in Short

Here is a table to give you a quick look at the most common power steering problems experienced by Honda Ridgeline owners, their causes, and fixes.

Honda Ridgeline Power Steering ProblemCauseSolution
Pump whining noise with difficult turningDamaged O-rings, Low fluid levelsReplace O-rings, Top up fluid
Difficult turning without whining noiseLow-pressure TiresInflate Tires
Whining noise with difficulty turning persistsDamaged power steering belt, Damaged steering rackReplace power steering belt, Check and repair steering rack
Persistent noise and difficult turning even after O-ring replacementDamaged power steering pumpReplace the power steering pump

Power Steering Problems of Honda Ridgeline and Fixes

Here are the most common power steering problems of Honda Ridgeline and how to fix them:

Problem Part 1: Pump Whine Noise And Steering Wheel Difficulty

If you drive a Honda Ridgeline from 2006 to 2014, you may find yourself dealing with the power steering pump whine that is so common in these vehicles.

The sound is distinctive from other Honda Ridgeline problems and is often misdiagnosed as requiring a new power steering pump. However, this isn’t usually the case and instead can be fixed with a super cheap and simple solution.

Solution #1: Replace the O-rings

The whine usually indicates that the O-ring on the low or high-pressure side of the power steering pump is worn out. The good news is that replacing the O-ring is a cheap and easy fix.

Here is a video showing how to change low-pressure line O-ring replacement:

Solution #2: Top Up the Fluid

Top up the power steering system fluid. Fill the reservoir with power steering fluid until it reaches the maximum fill line. Remember to use fluid intended for your Honda Ridgeline model.

Solution #3: Replace the Pump

If the above steps do not fix the problems, replacing the power steering pump may be necessary. However, this is a more complex and difficult task. It is best to take your vehicle to a professional for diagnosis and repair.

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Problem Part 2: Steering Wheel Turning Difficulty But No Whine

It could be low-pressure tires if you are experiencing difficulty turning the steering wheel but no audible whine.

The low-pressure tires can cause the steering wheel to become harder to turn, as the car has to work harder to turn the wheel due to the lack of air pressure.


You can fix this issue by checking the tire pressure and inflating the tires if the pressure is low. Typically, this should be handled during Honda Ridgeline maintenance. You can find the tire pressure requirement for your vehicle in the owner’s manual.

Other Possible Causes of the Whining Noise and Steering Wheel Turning Difficulty

Other possible causes of power steering problems include a damaged power steering belt and rack. The belt can crack, snap, or loosen, and when it does, it will cause problems with the system.

If the belt is broken or shows serious damage, replace it.

The steering rack is the primary part of your steering assembly. Over time it can wear out and make it harder to steer the vehicle. This problem may disappear once the car warms up and the rack becomes hot and well-lubricated. If not, you will have to replace it.


Here are some of the most-asked questions around the topic that you might need an answer to.

How much does a Steering wheel be hard to turn Inspection cost?

Typically, it will cost you $95 on average for a Honda Ridgeline steering wheel inspection. This price may change depending on where you are located.

What Should You Do If the Power Steering Goes Out While Driving?

If your power steering goes out while driving, you should first slow down and pull off to the side of the road. You should also turn off the ignition (if possible) and activate your emergency hazard lights. Once you are in a safe location, you should call a tow truck or a mechanic to look at the problem.

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Key Takeaways:

Damaged O-rings, low fluid levels, and low-pressure tires are the most common causes of Honda Ridgeline power steering problems. The fix for the power steering pump whine is to replace the O-rings and top up the fluid.

If the noise doesn’t go away and it’s still difficult to turn, replace the power steering wheel. If the steering wheel is difficult to turn without whining noise, inflate the tires.

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