Honda Ridgeline Won’t Start – Causes, Diagnosis, and Fixes

A weak or dead battery, faulty ignition switch, faulty fuel pump or filter, clogged air filter, faulty spark plugs, or bad ECM can cause the Ridgeline won’t start.

Since the Ridgeline is one of the most popular Honda trucks, problems are common to happen. Identifying why Honda Ridgeline won’t start and solving the problems is crucial to keeping the vehicle up and running.

This guide will discuss the reasons in detail and suggest the most effective solutions. Keep reading to learn and solve the Honda Ridgeline starting issue to keep your truck running.

Honda Ridgeline Starting Problems: Common Causes and Solutions

There might be several reasons that stop the Honda Ridgeline from starting. Here are some of the common ones with their possible ways of solutions.

1Battery is weak or deadCheck the battery voltage. Use a jump starter or replace the battery.
2Starter motor is badCheck the starter motor for faulty gear, wiring, or solenoid. Replace if necessary.
3Ignition switch is faultyCheck the ignition switch for faulty connection or damage. Replace if necessary.
4Fuel pump or filter is badCheck the fuel pressure. Run visual inspections to identify faulty or clogged components. Replace the components if necessary.
5Air filter is cloggedCheck the air filter for clogs. Clean it if possible or replace it if necessary.
6Spark plugs are faultyCheck the spark plugs for wear or fouling. Clean or replace them.
7ECM is badRun OBD to check if the ECM is bad. Replace if necessary.

Honda Ridgeline Won’t Start: How to Fix the Issues?

Honda Ridgeline starting problems may occur for one or more reasons mentioned above. Let’s discuss these reasons in detail and check the solutions.

#1 – Battery Is Weak or Dead

The battery on your Honda Ridgeline can be weak and cause the vehicle not to start. Also, the battery can be completely dead if you park the vehicle for a long time.

● Way of Solution

First, you should run a visual inspection to see if the battery terminals are loose or corroded. Clean the terminals. Then, check the battery voltage using a multimeter.

The voltage should be approximately 12.6 volts. You can use a jump starter kit to start the vehicle if the voltage is excessively low. Finally, you might need to replace the battery if it is dead, which will cost about $150-$300.

#2 – Starter Motor Is Bad

Bad starter motor is one of the common Honda Ridgeline problems. The starter motor is probably bad if there is a clicking noise after turning the ignition.

● Way of Solution

You should check the component for signs of damage or burn. Listen for the clicking noise and check for power using a multimeter. Also, check the solenoid to ensure it is sending enough power.

You should replace the component if the starter motor or solenoid is bad. Replacing the starter motor can cost about $200-$450, and the solenoid can cost about $50-$150.

#3 – Ignition Switch Is Faulty

If the ignition switch is bad, the starter motor might not engage when you turn the ignition. Dash light also may not turn off momentarily if there is a faulty ignition switch.

● Way of Solution

You should check the electrical connections to the ignition system first. Make sure no components are damaged or corroded. Also, check if the key is inserted correctly.

  • If the electrical connections get loosened, tighten them.
  • If the ignition switch is damaged, replace it. Make sure you clean the corrosion in the ignition area if this happens due to corrosion.

Replacing the ignition switch will cost about $100-$250.

#4 – Fuel Pump or Filter Is Bad

When the fuel pump is bad, or the fuel filter is clogged, the system can’t deliver the necessary fuel to the engine. As a result, the vehicle won’t start.

This is mostly caused by poor maintenance. So, you should regularly ensure proper Honda Ridgeline maintenance, including the fuel pump and filter.

● Way of Solution

After turning the ignition, the fuel pump should prime. If it doesn’t, the pump is probably bad. Check the fuel pressure using a gauge. Also, check the fuel filter for clogs and the fuel pump or signs of damage.

Remove the fuel line and check it thoroughly. If necessary, you should replace the fuel pump or filter. Replacing the fuel pump will cost about $500-$800, and the fuel filter will cost about $100-$200.

#5 – Air Filter Is Clogged

If the air filter is clogged, enough air can’t reach the engine. So, your vehicle will have a hard time starting.

● Way of Solution

Clean the air filter if necessary. Or replace it with a new one if there is no way to make it function even with the highest level of cleaning. It can cost less than $50.

#6 – Spark Plugs Are Faulty

Faulty spark plugs can’t produce the spark for the ignition of the air-fuel mixture. There can be wear or fouling on the plugs.

● Way of Solution

Check for wear and carbon deposits on the spark plugs. Clean the spark plugs or replace them if necessary. It might cost about $150-$350.

#7 – ECM Is Bad

Engine Control Module or ECM is responsible for the ignition system and sending the right amount of air-fuel mixture to the engine. If it is faulty, the vehicle won’t start.

You may experience stalling, misfiring, check engine light on, no start, or engine shut off as the symptoms of bad ECM.

● Way of Solution

Run onboard diagnostics to determine if the ECM is faulty. Replace it if necessary, which will cost about $500-$1000.

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Check the answer to some commonly asked questions about the Honda Ridgeline engine starting issue.

How do you start a Honda Ridgeline with a dead key fob?

You can pull out the physical key from the back of the key fob. Also, replace the key fob battery to start the vehicle.

Can a fuse cause my Honda Ridgeline to not start?

Yes. If the fuse is blown, it might cause the start circuit to malfunction. So, your vehicle won’t start.

How do I know if my starter relay is blown?

When you turn the ignition, hear the noise. If the engine doesn’t crank at all and you hear a clicking noise, the starter relay is probably bad.

Key Takeaways:

There could be many reasons besides the aforementioned ones in this guide. However, checking the issues by a professional would give you a quick solution. To wrap up the discussion about why Honda Ridgeline won’t start, here are some key points to remember.

  • A weak or dead battery, faulty starter motor, ignition switch, spark plugs, etc., can cause the problem.
  • The fuel pump, fuel filter, or air filter can also be faulty. The ECM can also go bad.
  • In most cases, checking and cleaning the faulty system will fix the issue. And replacements can cost from $50 to $1,000, depending on the components.

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