How Fast Can a Ram 1500 Go?

The maximum speed of Ram 1500 would be 118 mph. To make your ride even more thrilling, 650 pound-feet torque with eight-speed transmission works the best. In the case of towing capacity, 12,750 pounds would be the max.

Having the ‘Brand-new’ tag isn’t certainly enough for experts. People should judge every trait before spending a penny. This is when they would ask- how fast can a Dodge Ram 1500 go?

It’s the first question to come, and there are some facts regarding this topic you should know. Let us walk you through this. Scroll down.

Key Takeaways

  • A Ram 1500 goes at a maximum speed of 118 mph.
  • 4WD-high and 4WD-low should maintain 55 mph and 10 mph speed limits, respectively.
  • For maximum power and traction, choose 4WD-low.
  • 4WD auto is the best pick to deal with rough, snowy, and rainy weather. It offers a better towing experience.

RAM 1500 Trim Level & Engine Wise Top Speed

RAM 1500’s Top speed depends on various issues like engine, horsepower, acceleration, etc. All the RAM 1500 trim levels’ top speed is not the same. We have provided  RAM 1500’s most popular model for its speed & others. See it below:

Trim LevelsEngine SizeEngine SizeTop Speed
TRX● 6.2L Supercharged V8702 Horsepower118mph (Estimated)
LIMITED● 5.7L V8 (Standard) 
● 3.0L Turbo Diesel V6 
395 Horsepower (V8, Standard) 260 Horsepower (Diesel, Available)130mph (Estimated)
LIMITED LONGHORN™● 3.6L V6 (Standard) 
● 5.7L V8 (Available) 
3.0L Turbo Diesel V6 (Available)
305 Horsepower (Standard) 395 Horsepower (V8, Available) 260 Horsepower (Diesel, Available)130mph (Estimated)
REBEL®● 3.6L V6 (Standard) 
● 5.7L V8 (Available) 
● 3.0L Turbo Diesel V6 (Available)
305 Horsepower (Standard) 395 Horsepower (V8, Available) 260 Horsepower (Diesel, Available)130mph (Estimated)
LARAMIE®● 3.6L V6 (Standard) 
● 5.7L V8 (Available) 
● 3.0L Turbo Diesel V6 (Available)
305 Horsepower (Standard) 395 Horsepower (V8, Available) 260 Horsepower (Diesel, Available)130mph (Estimated)
LONE STAR● 3.6L V6 (Standard) 
● 5.7L V8 (Available) 
● 3.0L Turbo Diesel V6 (Available)
305 Horsepower (Standard) 395 Horsepower (V8, Available) 260 Horsepower (Diesel, Available)130mph (Estimated)
TRADESMAN® HFE● 3.6L V6305 Horsepower130mph (Estimated)
TRADESMAN®● 3.6L V6 (Standard) 
● 5.7L V8 (Available) 
● 3.0L Turbo Diesel V6 (Available)
305 Horsepower (Standard) 395 Horsepower (V8, Available) 260 Horsepower (Diesel, Available)130mph (Estimated)

How Fast Can a Ram 1500 Go in 4WD?

If you have a Dodge Ram 1500 Four Wheel Drive(4WD), you need to know the safe & sound speed for driving. Although, In terms of Ram’s 4WD high-performance, there is no specific speed limit When driving in four-wheel drive, too much speed can cause severe damage. So, we must be aware of it.

How Fast Can a Ram 1500 Go in 4WD High?

It’s suggested to avoid going above 55 mph in 4WD High. This is the maximum speed.

Speed Limit- Explained

55 mph ensures your safety, plus it’s decent for mechanical issues. Following this speed limit is very important. Otherwise, you will face drivetrain problems.

You might face some unwanted miseries when you drive the truck on a low-traction road. Such as:

  • Tire puncture
  • Animals coming in front of your truck
  • Uneven roads
  • Unfortunate bends in the road
  • Heavy debris, snow, or floodwater
  • Holes

Driving at 55mph will give you enough time to slow down and save yourself from these. Otherwise, you won’t be able to fight against these obstacles.

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How Fast Can a Ram 1500 Go in 4WD Low?

A Ram 1500 in 4WD low will run at 10 mph speed. You should stay within the speed with this truck.

But if you manage to drive safely faster than 10 mph in a 4WD-low, you should switch to a 4WD-high.

Speed Limit- Explained

10 mph means you’ll be crossing a mile in six minutes. It’s a weather-specific speed and it clarifies if you’re on the safe average speed.

That’s why 4WD-low is most suitable for beginners. Later you can change to 4WD-high.


Although 4WD-High has no speed limit for Ram 1500, you shouldn’t go over 55 mph. 4WD-low offers better safety standards with a 10 mph speed.

How Fast Can a Ram 1500 Go in 4WD Auto?

The maximum speed of a 4WD auto varies depending on the model of your car. If your Ram 1500 is in 4WD-High, it can’t go up to 55 mph. On the contrary, the maximum speed would be 10 mph in the case of 4WD-Low.

Reasons Why We Pick Ram 1500 in 4WD Auto

Ram 1500 in 4WD Auto is most suitable for areas with both average grip and low traction surfaces. Anyway, this particular choice has some primary benefits for you.

Deals Better with Rough Weather

If you’re looking for a car to be good with wet weather, Ram 1500 in 4WD Auto would be the best choice. The driver won’t need to check the road traction condition again and again as the transfer case will take the responsibility. It helps with your driving style and speed as well.

Snow and Ice Won’t Create Issues Anymore

4WD applies the wet weather theory in the case of snowy roads as well. This is why RAM owners mostly switch to 4WD auto during winter.

The primary concern is sending energy to the inside wheels. This way, you get better stability and safety standards.

Better Towing Experience

You can expect decent stability, work efficiency, and traction while towing if you have 4WD-Auto on. It makes the transfer case ideal for beginners.

Note: If you drive on extreme traction surfaces on a regular basis, you should leave the truck in 2H. This way, you’ll get better fuel economy and safety.

2H ensures an anti-slip feature in Ram, making driving easier on rainy or snowy days. You can expect better speed as well.


If you want your Ram 1500 to offer better performance, speed, and traction in unfortunate situations, go with either 4WD -High or low. You’ll experience a better towing situation this way.

How Fast Can a Ram 1500 Go in 2WD?

2WD & 4WD power is not the same. Because half of the torque power generated by 4WD goes to the rear wheels, while the other half goes to the front wheels.

As a result, pushing the four wheels requires more effort from the motor. 4WD Always significantly more powerful than 2WD. So, the speed in 2WD is lower than 4WD.

Actually, RAM 1500 2WD speeds up to 109mph while 4WD speeds up to 118mph.

If the roadway conditions are not hazardous, we advise staying in 2WD. If you don’t, you run the danger of wearing out your driveline parts, which may be expensive to replace.

Additionally, 4WD requires more petrol than 2WD, therefore staying in 4WD will result in higher gas prices.

4WD-High VS. 4WD-Low: Which One to Pick?

Beginners might think 4WD-High and 4WD-low are entirely the same. But these are meant to be used in different situations.


4WD High is best suitable for extra power and traction. It deals better with snowy and rainy weather conditions.

If you’re planning on off-roading, it’s certainly the best choice. Even if you drive at a speed less than 25 mph, it will give you standard traction, speed, and stability.


If you want the maximum power and traction, you should pick 4WD-low. While driving on terrain filled with snow, mud, heavy sand, rocks, or bumps, 4WD-low offers the best system.

The Verdict – if you want to go with the experts’ favorite, 4WD-low is the name. Judging the benefits state so as well.

To make your Dodge Ram 1500 faster, you can read our this article on how to make a Ram 1500 faster.


Is the Ram 1500 the strongest Ram truck?

Yes, it is. For getting extra traction and speed, you can rely on this truck. It goes well with a 650-pound-feet torque. 

What is the top speed for Ram 1500?

118 mph is the top speed for Ram 1500. It can pair with the best torque of 650 pound-feet and offer the best performance.

What engine does the Ram 1500 have?

5.7 Hemi. It offers you the best speed and mileage. Thanks to its horsepower, you can use a 650-pound-feet torque with the truck for better stability. 

Wrapping Up! 

Ram owners often need clarification about 4WD-High and 4WD-low, but the actual answer relies on your preferences. This is why we explained how fast can a Ram 1500 go.

Now that you know the speed level of your Ram 1500, choose according to your regular traction. Feel free to take experts’ suggestions for this. Good luck!

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