How Fast Can You Drive F150 in 4×4 High?

You might wonder how fast can you drive Ford F150 in 4×4 high. As you activate 4×4 high or 4H on surfaces with low tractions, you should never drive your F150 over 55 mph. Driving at a higher speed than the safe limit can cause serious accidents due to the low traction of the surface.

As recommended by Ford, you can go faster than 15 mph but slower than 55 mph when using 4 High (up to 55 mph).

When going off-road, you must be careful before engaging in the 4H mode, as it will drastically affect the braking distance and handling of the truck. Learn more about when to engage 4H and why you should keep from overspeeding in this mode.

Maximum Speed for F150 in Different Modes

Check the following table to get a quick idea of what should be your maximum speed in different modes for 150.

Maximum Safe Speed15 mph55 mphAs per law
When to Use● Loose sand.
● Deep mud.
● Large rocks.
● Steep inclines or declines.
● Icy roads.
● Muddy tracks.
● Sandy tracks.
● Wet surfaces.
● Concrete or paved roads.
● Highways with smooth tarmac.
Power DistributionOn four wheelsOn four wheelsOn rear wheels
Traction Control LevelHighMedium to HighOff

What Is 4×4 High in Ford F-150?

4×4 denotes the four-wheel drive (4WD) or 4-by-4 capability of a vehicle. Ford F150 truck has a four-wheel drive system to deliver smooth performance over rugged terrains. But you can choose from three different configurations for the transmission system in various cases.

When you select 4H or 4-Hi, it engages the four-wheel drive system and evenly distributes the engine power to all four wheels. It increases the traction control level so that you can control the truck better in slippery road conditions.

Older models might have push buttons to engage this mode. But you will find a selector knob to choose the suitable transmission mode in recent Ford F150 interchangeable years models.

How Fast Can You Drive F150 in 4×4 High?

Say, you are going to camp in the forest. As soon as you exit the tarmac and get into a wet or slightly muddy road, you rotate the knob to select the 4H mode. How fast can you go in 4×4 (4WD) – Ford F150, then?

You should never go over 55 mph in the 4×4 high. This transmission mode sends power to all four wheels of the truck, and they have better traction over muddy, icy, or slippery surfaces. But still, going over 55 mph in such conditions can worsen the braking and handling of the truck, making the truck vulnerable to accidents.

Why Shouldn’t You Drive Faster in 4×4 High?

Once you know how fast can you go in 4 high F150, you might ask why can’t I go over this speed? As you are only supposed to engage the 4-Hi mode on low traction surfaces, overspeeding can affect various driving aspects. Let’s check them in detail.

● Braking Performance Will Be Affected

Whenever you roll onto a slippery surface, the truck loses some traction, and the braking distance gets doubled to normal. As a result, you will need double the space than regular braking to bring the truck to a complete stop.

Driving at a lower speed allows you to respond to the road and traffic conditions timely and halt the truck safely. You should avoid sudden braking at any cost on slippery roads, as the tires can quickly lose traction.

● Handling Will Be Affected

As soon as you start driving on a slippery surface, you will feel that the steering has become sluggish. The truck won’t instantly respond to the steering, which means the traction is extremely low.

In such conditions, you need to maintain a moderate, steady speed so that you can steer the truck smoothly to keep it on track. Sudden steering can result in drifts along the track and can cause serious accidents in the worst cases.

● Wild Animals or Truck Faults

When driving on muddy tracks or forest roads, wild animals can anytime run into the road and bump into the truck. If you try to brake hard, the truck may lose traction and slip off the road.

A problem in your transmission system can happen, or one of the tires can burst while driving on such roads. If you drive the truck at a lower speed, it will be easier to bring the truck to a controlled stop.

Can I Drive Very Slow in the 4×4 High?

No, you shouldn’t drive very slow in 4H mode. If you need to pull more weight or cross rough terrains, you can engage the 4L or 4-Lo mode. It will deliver maximum torque to get out of the situation.

This mode is also used when you need the maximum Ford F150 Towing Capacity.

Key Takeaways:

Among the three transmission modes in Ford F150, two are for four-wheel drive systems. 4×4 high or 4H is one of them, and how fast can you drive Ford F150 in 4×4 high? Let’s wrap up the above discussion with the following takeaways.

  • Engage 4H mode on slippery surfaces with low tractions
  • Drive under 55 mph in this mode to avoid collisions, drifting, or losing control
  • Don’t understeer or oversteer while driving on slippery roads
  • Be aware of safe braking distance on such roads and act accordingly

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