How Many Gallons Does a Toyota Tacoma Hold? – And How Far Can It Last?

The Toyota Tacoma holds 15.1 gallons (57.16 Liters) to 21.1 gallons (79.87 Liters), depending on it’s model year and trim level. The 2023 Toyota Tacoma can hold 21.1 gallons (79.87 Liters), the same as all the third generation Tacoma. The second generation, which started in 2005, used a 21.0 gallon tank until 2011. Beginning in 2012, they switched to 21.1 gallon tank.

In the early models of the first generation, like the year 2000 model, the tank size was between 15.1 and 18 gallons. For the 2001 year models, the fuel tank was increased slightly and ranged between 15.8 and 18.5 gallons.

The article should help you know the number of gallons your Toyota Tacoma holds. You will also learn the possible distance you can travel on a full tank.

How Many Gallons of Gas Does a Toyota Tacoma Hold?

When answering the question, how many gallons are in a Toyota Tacoma, several factors are to consider. The model year and trim are among these factors, since the gas tank varies between them.

The following table shows some Toyota Tacoma trims with different tank sizes.

3ʳᵈ (2016 – Current)SR5 Access Cab 6″ bed V6 AT3.5L21.1 Gallons
2ⁿᵈ (2005-2015)Double Cab V6 Base 4WD4.0L21.0 Gallons
1ˢᵗ (1995 – 2004)Double Cab 4 Cyl. PreRunner 2WD2.7L18.5 Gallons

How Far Can You Drive in Full Tank in a Toyota Tacoma?

Toyota Tacoma has been in production since 1995, through which they’ve changed significantly. Some of the changes are in the gas tank and fuel mileage. The two can determine the possible distance you can drive.

Now that you have the answer, how much gas does a Toyota Tacoma hold? You can use the information to calculate the distance you can drive in a full tank. If you’re unsure what your tank capacity is, you can confirm using your owner’s manual.

Various things will determine the possible driving distance. They include:

1. Gas Mileage

The MPG determines the amount of gas you will use. The 2023 year model Toyota Tacoma is 20 mpg city/23 mpg highway/21 mpg combined.

The MPG changes with Temperatures and cargo, and also varies with the engine capacity. If your truck has low fuel mileage, learning the tips on how do you improve gas mileage on Toyota Tacoma will help you to improve it.

2. Trim

Various trims differ in tank capacity and engine capacity. The trim you’re using may have more mileage or less. The 2023 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Double Cab 6′ Bed has a 21.1 fuel tank and a 3.5 L engine.

To calculate the 2023 Tacoma, multiply the MPG by the capacity. The calculation amounts to 443.1 miles for the 2023 truck.

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Factors that Affect the Amount of Fuel Toyota Tacoma Can Hold

Some Toyota Tacoma trucks can hold more or less fuel when filled. Most 21.1 tanks are known to hold up to 22.0 gallons. The following are the things that determine the fuel capacity.

1. Rust

A rusted tank may take less gas than the designated capacity. The tank may also be leaking, which with other fuel system problems are among the reported Toyota Tacoma Problems.

2. Temperature

Temperature can cause the tank to expand or contract. If the temperature is high, the tank expands and may take more gas than the stated capacity. When it’s cold, the tank can contract and have less capacity.


In the following section are frequently asked questions on the size of the Toyota Tacoma gas tank and the answers.

How many miles can a Toyota Tacoma go on a full tank of gas?

The latest Toyota Tacoma goes around 442 miles on a full tank of gas.

Can I Install a Bigger Fuel Tank in a Toyota Tacoma?

You can upgrade your Toyota Tacoma tank size with a bigger one. Bigger options include 32 gallons which several users have installed. A larger tank capacity gives the driver more driving time.

Why Does My Toyota Tacoma Take Less Fuel?

If your Toyota Tacoma takes less fuel, the tank might be clogged. Also, note that during winter, the tank capacity might be slightly less. The EVAP system controls vapor in the tank and if it’s faulty, the tank might take less.

Is It Okay to Pump More Fuel Than 21.1 Gallons on My Tacoma?

Some owners have reported pumping more than 21.1 gallons on their Toyota Tacoma. However, over-feeling can damage the charcoal canister after fuel gets through the vapor intake hole.

Key Takeaways:

The article should help you answer the question, how many gallons of gas does a Toyota Tacoma hold? By the way, you can go up to 440 miles with a full tank with the latest Tacoma models. But various factors affect the mileage. To summarize:

  • Third generation Toyota Tacoma (2016 to Present) can hold 21.1 gallons.
  • Gas mileage and your vehicle’s trim determines the distance you can drive in a full tank.
  • Temperature and rust can affect the amount of gas the Toyota Tacoma holds.

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