How to Straighten the Steering Wheel on a Toyota Tacoma?

Disconnecting the negative wire from the battery is the first step to straightening the Toyota Tacoma steering wheel. Unscrewing the associated screws behind and making the airbag feasible to come outside are the prime steps. The central screw needs to be removed with the airbag outside to align the steering wheel back in its straight position.

So far, this can be enough to figure out how to straighten a Toyota Tacoma’s steering wheel. But they simply don’t express how to do so, and that’s the important thing you’ve been searching for.

The steering wheel is standard, and so are its fixations. And this article here will help you to resolve any further issues related to the vehicle.

Simple Ways to Straighten Toyota Tacoma Steering Wheel

So, let’s get on to it through some easy and simple steps to straighten the steering wheel Toyota Tacoma.

Step 1: Disconnecting the Wires

You need to disconnect the negative wire from the battery. That would allow you to disable the airbag of your car. But for that, wait for at least 90-120 seconds.

Step 2: Unscrewing

Remove the screws of the steering wheel. They are on the left and right behind the steering wheel. Use the desired screwdriver to disconnect them.

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Step 3: Removing the Plastic Cover

After removing the screws, pull the lower plastic cover from the steering column. It won’t come off so quickly, so give it a little strength.

You must remove the plastic covers from the steering wheel. And you can’t do that normally. A flat-blade screwdriver is essential and will work better than any other way.

Step 4: Unscrewing Torx Screws

After removing the plastic covers, you’ll find Torx screws. Unscrew them.

Step 5: Removing the Airbag

Removing the Torx screw eases your path toward the airbag, which is one of the prime reasons your steering wheel is not straight. So, remove the airbag carefully by holding it behind the back. You must maintain caution here, especially for the airbag.

Step 6: Removing the Main Nut of the Steering Wheel

In the center, you’ll find the nut holding your Tacoma steering wheel. Remove it by holding the steering wheel in place.

Step 7: Straighten the Steering Wheel Accordingly

Now you have full access to your steering wheel. You can dispatch it from its initial place and adjust it in your desired position, i.e., straight.

Step 8: Placing the Steering Wheel Back

After you are done with making the steering wheel straight, just put it back in its initial place. Make it tight so that no external force can displace it. You need to fix the large nut at the center there.

Step 9: Refix the Steering Wheel in its Place

Now the same thing backward, replace the airbag, tighten the Torx screw, fix the plastic covers on the side of the steering wheel, and do all the screw tightening you had to do to dispatch the steering wheel.

Step 10: Test the New Position of the Steering Wheel

You need to test the fixation. For that, give a test drive and make sure everything is fine.

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Some common questions that might ponder in your head while you fix the steering wheel of your Toyota Tacoma are here.

Will aligning fix a crooked steering wheel?

Aligning the steering wheel to the center fixes a crooked steering wheel. There might be other complications inside, but making the steering wheel straight is the precondition of further workings.

What causes the steering wheel to become unstraightened?

When you don’t keep your wheel aligned on idle, the steering wheel loses its initial position and becomes unaligned.

How much does it cost to straighten the steering wheel?

It costs around $60-$180 to straighten the steering wheel by a mechanic. There can be other issues there. But you know how to do it and might save some bucks.

Key Takeaways

You won’t have any issues straightening your steering wheel if you know the right way. While you are up to it, you must make the correct assumption and alignment. Because once you are done setting up, you have no easy option to fix the alignment but to repeat the steps.

For your convenience, you have some last takeaways from the article.

  • To increase Tacoma’s towing capacity & towing performance, you have to keep the steering wheel aligned and straight. Otherwise, the expected towing will never meet.
  • The unscrewing should be appropriately kept in mind for the easy and hassle-free reinstallation of the steering wheel.
  • Plastic covers and the airbag should be handled and regulated with care, as they consume damage quickly, especially the airbag.

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