How to Increase RAM 1500 Towing Capacity & Towing Performance?

When it comes to increasing the towing capacity and performance of your RAM 1500, there are certain things you must know. To increase the towing capacity, you have to get the axles upgraded. Moreover, installing helper springs and brake controllers can be a striking add-on to increasing the towing capacity.

Similarly, to increase the towing performance, you have to get your RAM 1500 suspensions and engines upgraded. Improvements in aerodynamics and air shocker installation can also come in handy when increasing towing performance.

So, want to know more in detail? If yes, then read on till the end of this blog!

Key Takeaways:

  • Upgrading the suspensions can give you more stability when towing. And this can in turn aid you in improving towing performance.
  • RAM 1500 towing capacity strength depends a lot on axles. So, getting them upgraded can come in handy.
  • High-ply tires are considered to be one of the best choices for controlled and stable towing.
  • Upgrading the engine can have a huge impact on the overall towing performance in RAM 1500.
  • The higher the fuel quality, the better the engine performance. This, as a result, will give you improved towing performance.

RAM 1500 Towing Capacity Chart with its Compatible Engines (1994 to 2023)

Here in this section, we’ve listed all the RAM 1500 towing capacities from 1994 to 2023, along with the engine compatibilities. So, don’t skip any of it!

Year3.6L Pentastar V65.7L HEMI® V83.0L EcoDiesel V65.7L HEMI® V8 eTorque
20237,730 lbs12,750 lbs9,600 lbs12,750 lbs
20227,730 lbs11,610 lbs12,560 lbs12,750 lbs
2020-20217,730 lbs11,610 lbs12,560 lbs12,750 lbs
20196,250 lbs11,610 lbs12,560 lbs12,750 lbs
20187,600 lbs10,620 lbs9,210 lbs10,620 lbs
20177,610 lbs10,650 lbs9,210 lbs10,640 lbs
Year3.6L Pentastar V65.7L Hemi V8 engine3.0L EcoDiesel V6 engine
20167,610 lbs10,640 lbs9,210 lbs
20157,600 lbs10,650 lbs9,200 lbs
20147,300 lbs10,050 lbs10,450 lbs
Year3.6L Pentastar V6 engine5.7L Hemi V8 engine4.7L V8 engine
20136,500 lbs10,450 lbs10,450 lbs
20123,800 lbs10,450 lbs10,450 lbs
20113,750 lbs10,450 lbs10,450 lbs
Year3.7L V6 engine5.7L HEMI® V84.7L V8 engine
20103,800 lbs10,450 lbs10,450 lbs
20099,100 lbs11,610 lbs3,800 lbs
20089,100 lbs9,100 lbs8,750 lbs
20079,100 lbs8,750 lbs8,750 lbs
20063,800 lbs13,000 lbs7,300 lbs
20053,850 lbs11,200 lbs7,750 lbs
20043,850 lbs8,400 lbs7,700 lbs
20033,050 lbs9,200 lbs7,450-lbs
Year3.7L V6 engine4.7L V8 engine
20028,650 lbs7,550 lbs
Year4.7L V8 engine5.2L V8 engine
20018,650 lbs6,000 lbs
Year5.2L V8 engine5.9L V8 engine  
20004,300 lbs8,250 lbs
19993,100 lbs7,500 lbs
19984,800 lbs4,800 lbs
19973,300 lbs3,300 lbs
19963,200 lbs7,600 lbs
19958,100 lbs8,100 lbs
19944,800 lbs4,800 lbs
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Ways You Can Increase the Towing Capacity of Your RAM 1500

Here in this section, we’ll let you know the best and experts’ recommended ways to increase the overall towing capacity of your RAM 1500 easily. So, don’t skip any of the sections to have a full-proof idea on increasing the towing capacity

Upgrading the Axles

Many RAM 1500 users are unaware of the fact that the axles play a crucial role in improving the towing capacity. The capacity and overall strength significantly rely on the truck’s axle. So, getting your axles upgraded can ensure that your RAM 1500 gets an increase in towing capacity.

Replace the Tires to High-Ply Tires

The tires, too, have a role to play in towing. According to many experts, upgrading the tires to high-ply tires can be the cherry on the top for astounding towing capacity enhancement.

Yes, these tires can stretch your pockets, but it’s worth the deal as you can have better traction on the road, which makes towing heavy loads super easy. Plus, high-ply tires are highly resistant to getting punctured or even wearing out.

Installing Helper Springs

One of the striking benefits you’ll get through installing helper strings is that it gives that “extra push to capacity increase.” These springs are specially designed to prevent your RAM 1500 from bottoming out. Plus, it even gives an upper hand to suspension improvement, increasing the towing capacity.

Installing Brake Controllers

Yes, getting a brake controller can add towing capacity to your RAM 1500. This is how it goes; these devices are designed in a way that transfers signals to your truck’s braking pedal. So, this mechanism ensures that your RAM 1500’s braking performance is enhanced. It plays a crucial role in increasing your truck’s towing capacity. 

More Effective Ways to Increase the Towing Performance of RAM 1500?

This section lets you have a clear idea of how you can easily “give a heads up” to the overall improvement of your RAM 1500 towing capacity. If you want to know all the knows and about, this section is a must-read!

Upgrade Your Suspensions

Replacing the suspensions with better and more upgraded parts can give you smooth steering control and an even better ride. So, it’s evident that you can surely increase towing performance when you have better control over your RAM 1500.

Pro Tip: According to many automotive experts, replacing your suspension with a highly durable and striking quality air suspension system can do the trick here. These suspensions are designed to absorb “unwanted” road shocks, ensuring smooth and better towing performance.

Driving at a Steady Speed

You may not know, but the speed you drive also plays a vital role in increasing the towing capacity. Driving at a steady speed will give your RAM 1500 more stability during driving. This is because no extra pressure is exerted on the tires. Hence, your tires don’t get worn out (that easily), and you have better surface traction.

Upgrading Your Engine

Getting your RAM 1500 engine updated can indeed help you a lot when it comes to enhancing your towing performance. With an engine upgrade, you can have an increase in the torque and power output. This gives you room to improve your towing performance.

The engine upgrade may include:

  • Engine tuning– It can drastically increase the overall performance and efficiency of your engine by parameter adjustments
  • Upgrade of the fuel injectors– This aids in delivering more fuel to your engine (giving the required boost to contribute to towing performance)
  • Installing larger turbochargers– It plays the upper hands at air intake enhancement and gives more horsepower
  • Intercoolers– Aids in temperature reduction of the compressed air and increase your RAM 1500 engine efficacy

Getting the Aerodynamics Improved

When you improve your RAM 1500 aerodynamics, it can give you a huge advantage with fuel efficacy and also reduce air resistance. This can aid you with an upper hand in improving the towing performance.

Checking on the air resistance can drastically reduce the stress on your RAM 1500’s transmission (and the engine too). This ensures your truck tows more smoothly!

Pro Tip: You can improve your truck’s aerodynamics by installing rear spoilers or even wind deflectors. But do make sure these are of good quality and are also durable.

Air Shocks

The best part about air shocks is that they aid with towing and handling your RAM 1500. Moreover, these parts can also be adjusted depending on the firmness needs, which in turn can give you more stability while towing. This not just increases your towing capacity, but also improves it.

Factors that Can Adversely Affect the Towing Capacity and Performance of Your RAM 1500

You should now know the ways you can get your RAM 1500 towing capacity increased and improved. But what are the possible factors that can have an adverse effect on your vehicle’s towing capacity and performance? Well, there are several factors responsible for deteriorating the towing ability of your RAM 1500.

The Power and Overall Engine Size

Your RAM 1500 engine also has crucial upper-hand cards to play. It won’t make that much of a difference if you “ONLY” upgrade different parts of your RAM 1500 (like the suspensions or just tires). You also need to ensure that your engine size and power are well-upgraded.

This is because low-powered or small-sized engines won’t give you the towing performance you desire. However, if you can upgrade to a larger engine with more power, then it’s evident that you’ll have a smoother and better towing experience.

Transmission with Higher Gear Ratio

The transmission and gear ratio can also affect the overall performance of your RAM 1500 towing. If the overall transmission with gear ratio is high, then you won’t have the smoothest experience during your ride.

However, if the ratio is low enough, then you’ll have the required drivability for a smoother and better towing experience.

Low Rating and Worn Out Tires

Tires with low ratings and the ones that are worn out will always hinder your RAM 1500 towing performance. If your tires are under-inflated, come with a low rating, or even are worn out, then this can cause severe issues during towing.

That’s not all; it even increases the risk of tire blowout. So, it’s always recommended that you take tires that come with higher ratings and should also regularly check on these tires.

Trailer Not Within the RAM 1500 Towing Capacity

One of the mistakes that many people make is not having a trailer that’s within the RAM 1500 towing capacity. Now, think of it like this, if your trailer can’t withstand the overall load of the RAM 1500, then it’s obviously going to have an adverse effect on your towing performance.

Low-Quality Fuel

Having low-quality fuel can Low-quality fuel with harmful particles doesn’t let the engine components work properly. Moreover, compromising on the fuel quality also degrades the engine performance of your RAM 1500. This as a result can heavily affect your towing performance. So, it’s a must that you always have the best quality fuel for your RAM 1500 engine.


What is the quickest yet most affordable way to increase towing performance?

Replacing axles and transmission fluid. Although the low performance level depends on the issues your vehicles actually have, these two always turn out to be useful. Fresh fluid and upgraded axles can increase the capacity within a couple of minutes.

What is the 85% rule for increasing towing?

After increasing your vehicle’s towing capacity, you need to always make sure that the caravan is lighter than 85% of the weight of your Ram 1500. It is called the 85% rule.

Which is the best RAM 1500 engine for towing so far?

5.7L HEMI V8 with eTorque is now considered to be one of the best RAM 1500 engines for optimum towing performance. The engine is designed to be robust and has the caliber to withstand a considerable amount of stress. 

Bottom Line

So, after going through this blog, you should now have a clear understanding of how to increase RAM 1500 towing capacity & towing performance. Moreover, make sure to be cautious about the factors involved in negatively impacting your towing capacity. If you think you require the assistance of experts or technicians, do go for it!

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