Nissan Frontier Transmission Replacement Cost [Repair, Rebuild, and Replacement Cost]

Nissan Frontier transmission is quite sensitive and prone to getting bad often, making you suffer. However, not knowing about the cost of fixing it is even more problematic! So, how much does the Nissan Frontier transmission replacement cost?

This cost would vary with repair, rebuild, and replacement. To repair the transmission, the average cost would be around $750. However, rebuilding the transmission would cost a bit more, around $1,500. Finally, to replace the transmission, you need to spend at least $3,500!

So, this should give you an overall idea about the replacement cost. However, a replacement can also be repaired and rebuilt, varying the cost.

Binge on to know more about the ins and outs of the transmission replacement cost.

Key Takeaways:

  • To repair the Nissan Frontier, you need to spend around $800 on average.
  • If you wish to rebuild your transmission, you can do it too. It would cost about $1,500.
  • To replace the entire transmission, you need to get started spending at least $3,500.

Type of Transmission

The replacement/rebuild/repair cost greatly depends on the vehicle model and transmission type. In general, replacing a manual transmission is less expensive than replacing an automatic transmission.

Furthermore, special gearboxes are sometimes found in luxury or high-performance automobiles, and because these transmissions have harder-to-find parts, their replacement prices are higher.

What Is The Repair Cost of Nissan Frontier Transmission?

Repairing Nissan Frontier Transmission is not a very complex task. It is like getting back those wires and all in shape! So, how much does it cost to repair the Nissan Frontier transmission?

You would not need to spend a lot to repair the Nissan Frontier transmission. This range could vary from $350 to $1,500 at max in general. However, it varies depending on the factors of what is being damaged.

If you are repairing the transmission in the primary stage, it will not take more than $500. However, deteriorating the transmission could take even more than $1,000!

What Is The Rebuild Cost of Nissan Frontier Transmission?

The rebuild cost of the Nissan Frontier transmission is a bit more than that of the repair cost. This would take around $1,400 at least to get started. However, this cost can go up to $2,500 too. The cost can be justified as rebuilding the Nissan Frontier transmission is not a very simple task to execute. Moreover, this can not be done without a professional.

Rebuilding the Nissan Frontier transmission can take from 8 to 12 hours. Other than the expert cost, there might also be some labor costs too. This can range from $300 to $500.

So, the approximate cost to rebuild the Nissan Frontier transmission can go up to $3,000 at max. You may even get it done for $2,000 if you can negotiate.

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What Is The Replacement Cost of Nissan Frontier Transmission?

The replacement cost of the Nissan Frontier transmission is definitely more than the above two costs.

Well, you would need to spend at least $3,500 to replace your Nissan Frontier transmission. This is only the charge for this transmission you need to bear for a replacement. However, this can go higher to even $4,100.

This is because it includes all the costs of getting a new Nissan Frontier transmission. So, starting from the labor to the transmission cost, you bear every cost to replace your Nissan Frontier transmission.

However, it is ideal for taking your car to their official workshop for a replacement transmission. This would ensure an authentic transmission with professionals of expertise.

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Going to any local or random workshop for this might not be suitable. This may cost you even more with time. Remember that you can only drive your car for a week if you are replacing the transmission.

This is because the transmission replacement can take at least 4 days, followed by a cool-down period.


Now you know all about the Nissan Frontier transmission replacement cost! We believe you have no more confusion or query regarding this.

Here’s a pro tip for you! Repairing the transmission may always be feasible. You may also need to replace the entire transmission at times. So, always consider the choice that’s more effective for you.

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