Privacy Policy

At Easy Autos Life, it is our top priority to ensure our visitor’s privacy. So here we have documented this “Privacy Policy” to inform you what personal data is collected through our website, how they are processed, and how we use them, ensuring the utmost data protection.

As you are visiting the website and using our service, it will be considered as your consent to the way we collect and process your personal data as per this document. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, reach us at “email,” and we will gladly help you.

Who We Are & What Our Principles Regarding Privacy Policy

We are the motor geeks behind this much-loved automotive blog site where automotive enthusiasts can get tons of value-intense guides on vehicle overview, repairs, maintenance, rebuild, and a lot more. Since we will be focusing on our privacy policy here, we would request you to visit our About Us page to get a comprehensive idea of who we are.

Moving to the privacy policy, we want to start with the fundamental privacy principle that we strictly practice at Easy Autos Life.

● We have a well-thought strategy of requesting and collecting the personal information of our visitors, which shows how your privacy is critically significant to us.

● We keep your personal data on the website for only as long as there is a good reason to keep it.

● We ensure your right to control the information used on our website; so it is up to you whether you want to make any information public or keep it private, want to have it indexed by search engines, or get it permanently deleted.

● We protect our visitors from overreaching government demands for the personal data.

● We maintain complete transparency on how we collect, use, and share the personal information of our visitors.

What Data We Collect Maintaining Your Privacy

We only gather data that is solely related to our service. Here are some of the data that we collect through our operational services.

Log Files

Like most other websites you visit, this website also employs log files. It is mainly done by hosting companies as a part of their hosting services’ analytics. But your privacy is upheld because the information gathered here is non-personal and typically includes information on;

  • Internet Protocol (IP) address
  • Internet Service Provides (ISP)
  • Referring (Entry) and Exit Pages
  • Browser Type
  • Date & Time Stamps
  • Number of Clicks Made by the User
  • Platform Type

This information is not intended to be used for personal identification, rather used to analyze trends, administer the site, track user behavior on the website, and collect demographic data for aggregate use.


Cookies are text files that our website sends to your browser when you visit it. We use it like any other website to store the browsing information of our visitors, especially regarding which pages they accessed/visited and/or any information they willfully submitted.

The information stored in the cookies helps the website remember your preferences to make your next visit to the site easier.

We set a temporary cookie for login page visits to ensure that your browser accepts cookies. Since it is temporary, it is discarded when you close the browser, hence, no personal data is stored in the cookies.

If you make a comment, you opt-in to save your name and email address in cookies so that the next time you visit the site, you do not need to fill in the details again.

We use the information stored in the cookies to customize the content of the webpage to optimize user experience better. So personal identification is not intended in the process.

Besides the regular functionality cookies, we also use analytics and advertising cookies. Analytics cookies help us track the performance of the website & service against your preference and thus make necessary adjustments accordingly.

Advertisement cookies are used to display advertisements that are relevant to your preference and interest. It is the advertisement networks that mainly use these cookies with the permission of the website operators.

Voluntarily Submitted Data

You could either leave a comment on the text box or upload a media. They are collected through the form along with the IP address and Browser User Agent String so that any potential spam can be detected.

When you make a comment, an anonymous string or hash is created from your email to the Gravatar Service, and if your comment is approved, the profile picture associated with your email address during registration is made public through the Gravatar service in the context of the comment.

Importance of Collecting this Personal Data: What We Use Your Data for

You have seen what personal data we collect, now coming to why we must use this data to enhance your experience.

● Process the data to meet the obligations arising from the law

● To ensure enhanced services, which could include registering the account and providing you with the articles and recommendations you have requested

● Establish and manage communication with you

● Offer you recommendations or services that are similar to your visiting or purchasing history that we have tracked using our technologies

● Send campaign offers or newsletters from our website or the ones of our trusted partners

● For any other purpose we have asked your consent for

Privacy Policy of Third-Party Websites & Ad Servers on Automatically Collecting Data

To ensure the best possible experience, our website requires to be associated with different third-party websites, servers, and networks. Here is how third-party entities are associated with us and how we maintain your privacy policy in these cases.

● Third-Party Websites

Articles or blogs on our site may include different embedded media content like images, videos, or articles from third-party websites. So even though you will be visiting our site, accessing any embedded content here will mean you have also visited the website from which the content is embedded.

It will allow the third-party website to monitor the interaction with the embedded content through cookies. And if you have an account on that respective third-party website, it can retrieve the relevant data about you.

However, since it is only about tracking your interaction and preference, there is no chance of personal data sharing or privacy violation.

● Third-Party Ad Servers or Networks

Like other sites, we also have advertising partners associated with our website. These third-party ad networks or servers use cookies, web beacons, and javascript through their links & advertisements appearing on our site and are sent to the user’s browser.

However, they generally receive non-personally identifiable information like IP addresses to evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns and personalize the advertising content according to the visitor’s preference.

There is a small disclaimer that we do not have access/control over the cookies that the third-party advertisers use through our website. But we can ensure that they can not access your personal information or violate your privacy.

Third Parties We Willfully or Legally Oblight to Share Your Data With

We have already ensured that we do not share your personal information with any potentially risky entity. However, we may share your specific Non-personally Identifiable Information with our trusted partners. And it is solely to enhance the user experience.

We share your Non-personally Identifiable Information with the following:

You can check out the privacy policy for each of these well-renowned services to be assured that your personal data will be secured by an adequate level of protection.

We may share information like the number of visitors to a post or the number of visitors who clicked on a specific advertisement, which do not eventually identify you as an individual.

Legal Requirement

It is our responsibility to protect your privacy in a way that upholds all applicable laws and regulations.

However, we may share your non-personally or personally identifiable information with public officials due to potential legal requirements in ways not otherwise described in the policy document, provided the fact that the requirements are appropriate in compliance with national security or law enforcement.

Privacy Policy on Retaining or Securing Your Data

If you wonder, “How long do we retain your personal information? How do we secure them”? Here is our take on these questions.

How Long Do We Retain Your Personal Information

While using our website, you may find a blog post where you might feel like leaving a comment. In that case, we indefinitely retain the comment and the associated metadata.

It allows us to automatically identify and approve your follow-up comments without holding them in the moderation queue. They only contain the post ID and no personal information, so you can edit your comment whenever you want.

We store the personal information of our registered users in a secure form. It allows them to see, delete, or edit their personal information whenever they want to.

When you visit the login page, a temporary cookie is used to see whether your browser accepts it. It is discarded if you close the browser. When you log in to the site, the login cookies are activated, generally lasting for two days. If you enable the “Remember Me” options, they will last for two weeks.

Other cookies that we may use include screen options cookies after you log in. These cookies are typically retained for one year.

How We Secure Your Personal Information

We use industry-standard techniques to keep your personal data safe. Some of these techniques include:

● Pseudonumizing and anonymizing the data where applicable

● Further processing of the personal data takes place only when the link between context, purpose, and type of data is suitable

● Employment of a strong security system to monitor and prevent vulnerabilities and attacks

● Notify potential authorities and threats

However, we are currently not using any vulnerable scanning method like PCI scanning. So even though we try to ensure the best security, we can not guarantee the complete protection of information. Moreover, we take no liability for breaches that can occur beyond our control.

What Control You Have Over Your Information

If you are a registered member of our site or have left a comment as a guest, you can make a request to us to get the details of the information that we hold about you. The request would be about receiving an exported file containing all data you have entered on our site.

Your request could also be about removing any personal information from our database. But it can’t include any inevitable information required for legal, security, or administrative purposes.

Privacy Policy for Children

We have also added a privacy concern for the children subject to using our site. Although it’s not intended for minor audiences, they can still visit it with parental supervision.

We at Easy Autos Life do not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from children under 13. If you came to know that your child has provided any such information on our website, contact us immediately, as we will take all the required steps to remove this information from the database in the quickest possible time.

Mediavine Programmatic Advertising

We work with the Mediavine Advertising system that collects non-personally identifiable information through first and third-party cookies to manage interest-based advertising campaigns.

Since it is an integral ad partner on our website, it is your right to check out more information about it, including how you can opt out of its data collection.

Modifications to the Privacy Policy

We at reserve the right to modify this privacy policy, and we may revise it periodically, which will be reflected by the “last modified date” below. Please revisit this Privacy Policy page to keep track of any changes.

Material amendments shall be notified during your log into the site through a notice or email. Your continued use of the website establishes that you agree to this Privacy Policy and its future revisions

If you are left with any more queries about the privacy policy, you may reach us at “email.”

Modified Date: December 21, 2022