Toyota Tacoma Long Bed vs Short Bed

The main point of difference when it comes to the Toyota Tacoma long bed vs short bed is the length. The name suggests that. Moreover, the long bed comes in two cab variants, and the short one comes in one. There are differences in towing capacity, cost, transmission, and mileage.

In general, the payload and towing capacity are greater in the long bed. However, the cab variations play a vital role here. These models handle differently due to their different dimensions. The same goes for pricing and mileage, as the bigger the truck is, the more the parts are.

It’s important to check all the details regarding generations and models to understand the differences. Keep reading to know more.

Tacoma Long Bed vs Short Bed: At A Glance

Let’s look at a comparison table of the two variations of the Toyota Tacoma. Afterwards, I will discuss the key differences in detail.

SpecsLong BedShort Bed
Bed Length6.1 feet (73.7 inches)5 feet (60.5 inches)
Bed Width3.5 feet (41.5 inches)3.5 feet (41.5 inches)
Bed Height1.6 feet (19.1 inches)1.6 feet (19.1 inches)
Cab OptionsDouble cab and Access cabAccess cab
Overall Truck Length2nd generation double cab: 221.3 inches2nd generation double cab: 208.1 inches
3rd generation double cab: 225.5 inches3rd generation double cab: 212.3 inches
3rd generation access cab: 212.3 inches3rd generation double cab: 212.3 inches
Wheelbase● 2nd generation double cab: 140.9 inches

● 3rd generation double cab: 140.6 inches

● 3rd generation access cab: 127.4 inches
3rd generation double cab: 127.4 inches
Hauling Capability● Double cab: 6,400-6,600 lbs

● Access cab: 3,500-6,800 lbs
Double cab: 3,500-6,700 lbs
Payload Capability● Double cab: 1,105-1,355 lbs

● Access cab: 1,285-1,685 lbs
Double cab: 1,095-1,560 lbs
TransmissionAutoAuto or manual
UsageWell suited for cargo service and very long journeysWell suited to be used as a family vehicle

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Toyota Tacoma Long Bed vs Short Bed Detailed Comparison

Let’s discuss the differences between these two in detail:

❖ Bed Dimensions

The dimensions for the bed are naturally greater for the long bed than the short bed. The long bed of Tacoma has a length of 6.1 feet, which comprises 72 to 74 inches.

On the other hand, the short bed of Toyota Tacoma comes with a length of 5 feet, which comprises 60 to 61 inches.

Both beds’ width and height range is similar, 41 to 42 inches and 19 to 20 inches, respectively. However, the long bed has a slightly greater width in the middle of the side walls.

  • Long Bed = 6.1 feet bed; (length/width/height): 73.7/41.5/19.1 inches
  • Short Bed = 5 feet bed; (length/width/height): 60.5/41.5/19.1 inches

❖ Overall Truck Length

To know this more precisely, we will have to look into the generations of Toyota Tacoma. There are three generations of Toyota Tacoma, and the long bed/short bed variety is available in the second and third generations of this truck.

In the second generation, there are three cab options such as:

  1. Regular cab
  2. Access cab
  3. Double cab

The third generation doesn’t have the regular cab option.

The double cab of both generations features short bed and long bed variations. The access cab of the second generation doesn’t have this variety, while the third generation only features a long bed.

The overall length of the Toyota Tacoma second-generation double cab featuring the long bed is 221.3 inches. The short bed variation of the same as 208.1 inches in length.

On the other hand, the length of the third-generation double cab featuring the long bed is 225.5 inches. The short bed variation of the same version is 212.3 inches in length.

The access cab of the third generation has 212.3 inches of overall length with a long bed.

❖ Wheelbase

The wheelbase of second generation double cab featuring the long bed is 140.9 inches. This becomes 140.6 inches in the third generation. On the other hand, the short bed version’s wheelbase of the same generation is 127.4 inches.

The access cab of the third generation features a 127.4-inch wheelbase with a long bed.

❖ Hauling Capability

The hauling capability is generally greater in long-bed trucks. However, there is a twist due to cab variations.

The short-bed double cab Tacoma has towing capability from 3,500 lbs to 6,700 lbs. On the other hand, the long bed has towing capacity from 6,400 lbs to 6,600 lbs. The access cab double bad Tacoma has towing capability from 3500 lbs to 6800 lbs.

The payload capacity of the short-bed double cab ranges from 1,095 lbs to 1,560 lbs. This becomes 1,105 lbs to 1,355 lbs for the long bed version.

The access cab that features a long bed can carry a payload from 1,285 lbs to 1,685 lbs.

❖ Managing

The short bed version of the Tacoma is easy to manage because of its short length. You can easily park this vehicle and turn it due to its small radius compared to the long-bed ones.

Moreover, the small wheelbase makes the short bed a perfect match for off-roading. However, the same can’t be done with the long bed version without lifting.

This ease of management makes the short bed perfect for daily tours. The long bed is more suitable for being used as a cargo truck.

❖ Cost

The long bed costs more than the short bed. It’s because the long bed uses more materials and the capacity is high in general. The cab variation affects the cost, too.

For example, the 2023 Toyota Tacoma SR5 double cab long bed version’s price ranges from $35,465 to $38,540. For the same model, you can get the short bed version at a range of $31,265 to $38,040.

The price of the access cab of the same model that features a long bed ranges from $30,375 to $37,160.

❖ Transmission

The long bed Tacoma only comes with an auto transmission while the short bed comes with both the options of manual and auto.

The auto transmission gives you better mileage while the towing capacity of your truck and robustness for rough weather increases in the manual transmission.

However, the small size of the short bed and less load gives it extra mileage. The heavy load capacity of the long bed mitigates this con, though.


Let’s check some of the frequently asked questions and answers on this topic

What are the benefits of a Toyota Tacoma long bed?

After you have lifted your long bed Tacoma, it becomes an exciting vehicle for off-roading and long journeys. You can easily carry an extra wheel to avoid any inconvenience. Moreover, you can carry a lot of things. Besides, the long bed Tacoma’s towing capacity brings stability to journeys.

What are the benefits of a Toyota Tacoma short bed?

Short bed Tacoma is perfect for family traveling because of its easily controllable feature. Moreover, the price is less than the long bed. The weight distribution of this version is also fantastic, ensuring proper balance in off-roading. You won’t need to lift this for off-road adventures.

Key Takeaways

Toyota Tacoma has been a popular truck for a long period. Be it as a family vehicle or for carrying heavy loads to a destination far away, this truck gets you covered all along. However, the long and short bed variations of this truck bring a few twists. Let’s look at some key takeaways from the comparison.

  • The Toyota Tacoma short bed is a perfect family vehicle with another additional cargo usage due to its management flexibility and low price.
  • The long-bed Tacoma is more robust and suitable for heavy cargo loads and longer journeys.
  • The towing capacity is not a one-sided game, as the cab variations also play a part in load management.

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