Toyota Tacoma Lunar Rock vs Cement: Know The Differences

Toyota Tacoma Lunar Rock and Cement mainly have differences in color combination. Also, these two color models differ in their availability and price. Moreover, the colors very extensively to the model of the car as well!

Both colors are the most famous in several Toyota Tacoma versions. You may sometimes fall into confusion when choosing between them because of their similarities.

This article will provide distinguishing features of lunar rock and cement color. Thus, go through this article to clear up confusion.

Tacoma Lunar Rock VS Cement: Table

Before we get into the details, let’s check out how they stand head to head!

ParametersLunar RockCement
ColorLight Green with gray/silver tones.Greenish/Brownish Gray.
ModelsToyota Tacoma from 2021, including TRD Pro, TRD Off-road.Tacoma models from 2017 till 2021 including TRD Pro, and 4Runner.
AvailabilityAccording to the 2022 Toyota Tacoma board, Available in Multiple trim levels.Rare as Toyota stopped manufacturing this color recently.
Price of Color Paint$30-$50$395- $460

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Here is a video that will help you to know more!

Lunar Rock vs. Cement: The Difference

While the two shades have many things in common, there are some distinguishable features that can be vital when making a choice. Let’s take a deeper look at how they differ!

1. Color State

Toyota Tacoma Lunar Rock color is a light green with Gray or Silver tones. In typical lighting, it looks to be seafoam green or silvery green.

It will appear more green or silver to the eye, depending on how the light strikes and reflects. Besides, some people claim that it also has blue undertones and a greenish tint.

On the other hand, The cement gray color model comes in Greenish or brownish-gray color. Cement Gray more preferable, though. Moreover, this shade has a new formula and is relatively new to the market, with a 1H5 color code.

2. Model

Several trims of this Toyota brand have both these colors. Judging Toyota Tacoma long bed or short bed database, they manufactured these colors in both models.

Tacoma got the Lunar Rock color in 2021. Lunar Rock color comes in Tacoma, Tundra, and 4Runner TRD Pro. Generally, this color gives Tacoma TRD Pro and Tundra TRD pro a striking color combination. Also, adding the color to the Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Lunar Rock will make your new Toyota midsize SUV stand out.

On the contrary, the Cement color on the Tacoma is only available in slightly earlier models like 4Runner, and TRD Pro. The shade was first seen on Toyota Tacoma vehicles in 2017 and remains available until 2021, and currently discontinued.

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3. Availability

Availability is entirely responsible for the price fluctuations of car models. Generally, when it launches, the price remains higher, and the availability is less. On the other hand, when it will be sufficiently available, the price will also be reasonable.

The availability of cement color of Toyota Tacoma is lower than the lunar rock. But, for the cement one, people face difficulties in finding this. The reason is that recently, the manufacturers stopped manufacturing this color model.

4. Price

As the lunar rock color in Toyota Tacoma is reasonably available, the price of this car is also reasonable. But, due to the stopped manufacturing of the cement color, you must spend more to buy this color model.

Also, you can paint your Toyota Tacoma with color according to your preferences. Typically, the price for color paint on the lunar rock will cost around $30 to $50. But, to buy the cement color, you must spend almost $395 to $460.


Some frequently asked questions about Toyota Tacoma lunar rock and cement are answered below.

Is Lunar Rock a Good Color?

Yes, it is too good. The lunar rock paint of the Toyota is a fan favorite available in some models of Toyota. It has a distinctive appearance and is unlike anything else on the roads in Leander.

When Did Toyota Make The Cement Color?

Cement was introduced first in 2017. The model which contained the color first is the 4Runner TRD Pro. Besides, it was also introduced in Tacoma TRD Pro and Tundra in the same year.

Key Takeaways

We showed all of the distinguishing parameters of Tacoma Lunar Rock vs. Cement throughout this article. Ultimately, it’s up to you which color you should choose. Because the color taste varies from person to person.

  • Though both colors are a fan favorite and popular, most customers prefer Cement Color over Lunar Rock due to enthusiasm.
  • Many other models contain both of these colors. Yet, Toyota Tacoma is delightful no matter which one you pick!

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